EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans’ ‘Confident’ Jace Will Return to Her Soon

Jenelle Evans

MTV "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans is spilling all the tea. 

“Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans is spilling all the tea.

She posted multiple videos on TikTok after her mother, Barbara Evans, appeared in the trailer for MTV’s “Girls’ Night In.”

Evans, 30, wanted fans to know that she’s still fighting for guardianship of her eldest son, 13-year-old Jace. She signed away her parental rights to her mother in 2010 when she was 17. At the time, Jace was 1 year old.

August Keen, Evans’ manager, told Heavy the “Teen Mom” star was “confident” the courts would return Jace to her.

“All I can say is Jenelle is in good spirits and going through the legal process to regain custody, we expect Jace to be home at some point,” Keen said. “Jace spends a lot of his time at home with Jenelle and his siblings. He couldn’t be any happier at home with her, where he belongs.”

Evans Said Barbara Took Her ‘Baby’ Because She Was Jealous of Kieffer


Replying to @knoc8587 childhood memories cut the deepest for me. I still feel like I’m being punished by my own mother 💔

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

In a new statement she hasn’t made before, Evans said Barbara took Jace from her because she was jealous of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp.

Barbara kicked Evans out of the house and in a famous “Teen Mom” line said she was “livin’ on the streets with ya boyfriend.” The quote has gone down in “Teen Mom” infamy, but Evans said the line is really hurtful for her to hear.

“Honestly, me seeing that scene over and over again honestly hurts,” Evans said. “Like, someone took my baby, didn’t let me get a chance to raise my baby and then kicks me out, takes my baby because she was jealous of the guy I was dating at the time.”

When Evans’ three children — Jace, 8-year-old Kaiser and 5-year-old Ensley — start to date, she’s not going to judge their partners.

“I don’t know, me as a parent, I would never do that to my kids,” Evans said in the video. “I might disagree with the person they date from time to time but there’s nothing I can do to control it; if it doesn’t work out in the future it won’t work out. But damn.”

Evans Said She Needed Barbara


Replying to @knoc8587 childhood memories cut the deepest for me. I still feel like I’m being punished by my own mother 💔

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

Evans interacted with her fans in the comments section, telling some of them “thank you” when they said something supportive or offering more information if they agreed with her video.

Evans argued that her mom stopped caring about her the moment she had a child. She also maintained she was the “golden child” who got good grade — but their relationship took a drastic turn when she got pregnant.

“I did need my mom.. but to her I was some “girl that had a baby” .. I wasn’t “her daughter that maybe needs some love and teamwork raising her son,” Evans wrote.

Evans said Barbara was “motivated by MTV money” to take Jace away.

The “Teen Mom” star said there’s a bunch of skeletons in her family’s closet. “f I started explaining my childhood .. it would break the internet but at the same time protecting my family from media shaming,” she wrote.

Evans said for years she was intimidated to go the legal route with Barbara.

“I was SCARED to go to court and fight against my mom and backed out taking it to trial,” she penned. “The judge never decided me to be unfit NOT ONCE.”

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