Jenelle Evans Slams Son Jace’s Behavior

Jenelle Evans

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans revealed her oldest son, 12-year-old Jace, was having problems while staying with his maternal grandmother, Barbara Evans.

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans revealed her oldest son, 12-year-old Jace, was having problems while staying with his maternal grandmother, Barbara Evans.

The Evans matriarch gained custody of Jace when he was 12 months old after the “Teen Mom 2” star relinquished her parental rights. Jenelle Evans has been fighting to regain primary physical and legal custody for more than a decade.

“Jace is having some issues at school and at my mom’s house, which I can’t go into detail about because there’s a pending custody case…” Evans told The Sun.

The mother-of-three said the relationship with her mother continues to be strained.

“We only talk when it’s to pick up Jace and drop him off, I pick up and I get him like every other weekend,” Evans, 29, told the outlet.

“I’m more standoffish to my mom, because of what’s going on, and I want to keep the conversation about Jace, and she tries to have it about other things,” she confessed. “And when I try to bring up Jace, she just totally ignores me about the topic. So we’re butting heads right now, and it’s not really going anywhere.”

Evans also told The Sun that she wants to go back to court to figure out their custody agreement.

Jace Spend Thanksgiving With His Mother

Thanksgiving Feast (2021)Hope everyone had a great holiday! We decided to cook at home with the kiddos and made SO much food. Check out my Pinterest Link below to see ALL the recipes I made for Thanksgiving. Subscribe and like for more videos daily!

Evans posted a Thanksgiving vlog to YouTube, where Jace was spotted in the background with his mother.

Toward the 18-minute mark of the video, Evans placed the camera on her oldest son and asked him if he enjoyed his dinner. He told her it was good and that he was full.

Evans went around the room and had everyone say “Happy Thanksgiving.”  When she turned the camera toward her husband, David Eason, he gobbled like a turkey and everyone giggled.

While her three children — Jace, 7-year-old Kaiser, and 4-year-old Ensley — were at their home on “The Land,” Eason’s 13-year-old daughter, Maryssa — who lives with Eason and Evans on The Land — appeared to be missing.

Some Fans Claimed Evans & Eason Were ‘Broke’

Eagle-eyed fans on Reddit noticed the brand of beer Evans and Eason had in their kitchen while prepping their Thanksgiving feast. Dozens of people wrote the couple was “broke” because they purchased Busch Ice, a beer that retails at an affordable price.

“You know they’re broke when they resort to drinking Busch Ice,” an original poster wrote, using a clown emoji to cover Eason’s face.

Though viewers on Reddit criticized the North Carolina couple, fans on the Heavy on Teen Mom Facebook page had a different interpretation.

“They could’ve had family/friends over who prefer it. Who cares?! Lol,” one social media user said.

“Leave that girl alone!! So many judgmental people during this holiday season,” another added.

Some people noted it wasn’t usual for people in North Carolina to drink Busch Ice.

“No one cares but I live in the Carolinas, even ran into janelle at a PETCO, cheap beer is common in this area. Hell we do well and still my husband won’t drink anything except bud light,” they wrote on Facebook.

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Jessica Beth
Jessica Beth
1 month ago

I don’t follow teen mom anything but I do remember when the show started and my daughter and I would Watch this girl treat her mother horribly. Very little appreciation for taking on the role of raising her grandson while this girl burned through guys and bad behaviors like a forest first in a national park. I happen to see this article and still all these years later its the same my mom is a monster garbage. One of these days she’ll be gone and you will wish you had treated her better. She’s raising YOUR son! She should be enjoying retirement and having your entitled ass out of her house!

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