Jenelle Evans Sparks Concern After Gifting Son ‘Dangerous’ Present

Jenelle Evans

Getty Jenelle Evans attends the MTV Video Music Awards.

“Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans recently revealed an early birthday present she gave her son Jace, but fans were not exactly impressed by it. In fact, many suggested this choice was a big mistake on Evans’ part, and there was no shortage of criticism over this latest move on her part.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jace Turns 13 Years Old Soon & Evans Celebrated Early

As The Sun noted, Jace celebrates his 13th birthday on August 2. Ahead of that, Evans revealed she had given him an “early” gift, which was reportedly an Apollo RFZ Z40 dirt bike. It appears he wasted no time in trying it out, as Evans also shared a photo in her now-expired Instagram stories showing him sitting on the bike. “Dirt bike besties,” Evans added in text, as Jace sat on his new bike and his stepsister, Maryssa, sat on another. Jace wore a black helmet and smiled while posing, wearing jeans and no shirt, along with a pair of boots. The “Teen Mom 2” star also shared a video showing her oldest son racing down a stretch of a road, testing out the power of his new toy.

Given the fact Evans shared the scoop on the early birthday present via her Instagram stories, “Teen Mom” fans and her followers could not comment publicly on her page. However, a lengthy thread developed on the “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2” subreddit, and Redditors had plenty to say about the situation.

“Nothing says I care about my child more than buying them a dangerous ‘toy,’” one critic commented on Reddit. That poster continued, “I say dangerous [because] you know neither of them are going to buy him protective gear, make sure he’s safe or even make the effort to learn how to be safe.”

Show Fans Did Not Mince Words

Posters covered a wide array of subtopics in sharing their thoughts about Evans’ gift for Jace. Over the course of a couple of days, nearly 250 comments were posted in the thread. It appeared only a few, at most, supported Evans and her choice in the gift. Some people questioned where the money could have come from. Others suggested it would be her husband, David Eason, rather than Jace, who likely plays around with the bike in the weeks or months ahead. When the initial Reddit poster suggested Evans thought of her son “first this time” in choosing this particular present, someone else countered, “No she thought about Instagram points first. Can’t just give her kid a present.”

“This is 100% for her and David (mostly David)….. just like the VR, the switches, the computer etc.,” suggested another critic, and many others shared similar thoughts. As quite a few people noted, Evans does not have full-time custody of Jace. Oftentimes in the past, “toys” gifted to him were often kept at Evans’ home. That meant that Jace could not necessarily use the items often, but the “Teen Mom” star and her husband frequently did, and showed it off on their social media pages. Another critic suggested, “buying expensive toys for a child you don’t have custody of screams ‘we wanted this, you can use it.” Jace seemed thrilled to receive the dirt bike, but “Teen Mom” fans will watch to see if it seems to stick around.

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