VIDEO: Jenelle Evans Blasts Kailyn Lowry in Deleted Clip

Jenelle Evans Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" alum Jenelle Evans slammed former co-star Kailyn Lowry after she was "tagged" in an old interview.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans slammed former co-star Kailyn Lowry after she was “tagged” in an old interview that labeled her husband, David Eason, a “psychopath.” Although Evans didn’t realize it before she made her video, Lowry’s podcast interview was from years ago.

“What’s his name, that f****** psychopath?” the interviewer asks Lowry, who answered: “David.”

“He’s probably gonna come kill me,” the caption on the video reads.

Evans, 29, decided to share some recent news about Lowry on September 18. “Before we bring up s*** from years ago, let’s see what you’re currently up to Kail,” the North Carolina native said in a since-deleted TikTok video.

Evans first shared an article from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, who reported on Lowry’s arrest for a “domestic incident” with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez. The charges against Lowry were ultimately dropped and her record was scrubbed clean of the incident, her rep previously told Heavy.

Evans also shared a story from The Sun, where Lowry was accused of taking more than $48,000 in PPP loans for her podcast and now-defunct haircare.

“I wonder who sent that information to The Sun?” Evans asked. “Hm. It is public record but I mean I easily found it.”

For those who might have needed “more proof,” Evans then shared some screenshots from Wadamelen1, a “Teen Mom” fan account on Instagram that specifically follows Lowry’s happenings.

“I suggest y’all go follow that account on Instagram,” the mother-of-three said. “They have all the tea, all the time. No, it’s not me, but me and Briana from ‘Teen Mom’ follow them.”

Evans finished her rant by attacking Lowry’s new home build in Deleware. “Also, I’ve seen exclusive photos of your house and your land that haven’t been released yet,” she said. “Um, how’s that working out for ya? You’re right on the d*** road.”

Evans Issued an Apology

Once she realized the interview where Lowry talked about Eason was from years ago, Evans issued an apology to her former co-star and deleted her video.

“See, here’s what’s different between me and other people,” the JE Cosmetics founder said in a new TikTok video on September 18. “I’m gonna admit when I’m wrong and I didn’t know this, but that podcast interview was from 2019. So yeah, I’m sorry. My bad.”

“But it goes to show that people still try to start s***. Like, that dude that reposted that, knew I would be p***** off, knew people would tag me,  and it’s just bulls***,” she continued. “But, my bad!”

Fans Accused Evans of Being ‘Unhinged’

“Teen Mom” fans on Reddit who watched Evans’ video said she appeared to be “unhinged.”

“I’m confused about her statement of Kailyn’s house being on the road? Not everyone wants to off-road to their swampland,” one person wrote.

“It must be so embarrassing to have everyone openly hate your husband, with very good reason, and for him to do nothing to change his image while your image is your only source of income,” another said.

“Ugh Jenelle, you’re right and this is even great for Briana’s defense considering how it really was all over the blogs that [allegedly] Kail assaulted Chris, but you have NO ROOM TO TALK,” a third person argued. “If I was forced to take sides on this I would have to take Kail’s 100% and I don’t wanna do that 😖.”

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