Jenelle Evans Confirms Son Is Not Living With Her

Jenelle Evans

MTV Evans is being roasted on Reddit.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans revealed her son, 6-year-old Kaiser, is not going to be living with her for the next six weeks. She and her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith worked about a co-parenting arrangement where Kaiser will be staying with his father for the summer. Evans made the announcement on social media, adding emojis like a crying-laughing face and heart emoji.

“Kaiser went to spend the summer with his dad for the first time. This feels weird!😂❤️” she tweeted on June 11.

Many fans were happy that Kaiser wasn’t going to be living with his mother and stepfather, David Eason, for the summer. One viewer took a screenshot of Evans’ tweet and posted it to Reddit, sparking a conversation that included hundreds of comments.

“Kaiser is outta the swamp for the summer,” the original poster wrote.

“I hope she never gets him back… boy deserves stability and I don’t think anyone in his life has that..sad,” one person wrote.

Others worried if this was going to be a good move for Kaiser. He would be missing out on time with his siblings: 4-year-old half-sister Ensley and 13-year-old stepsister Maryssa. Kaiser’s other half-sibling, 11-year-old Jace, lives with their maternal grandmother, Barbara Evans.

“He won’t see his siblings or mother for an entire summer… is she being serious or is he actually going for a shorter amount of time?” one fan wondered. “I think anything beyond a week is a bit much for his age and situation (Nathan isn’t a steady presence) AND Nathan is dangerous and unstable af???”

Evans Wants Jace to Live With Her Full-Time

While Evans is allowing Kaiser to spend the summer with his father, she also wants to regain custody of her eldest son. Evans signed over her parental rights of Jace to her mother before Jace’s first birthday. She’s always vowed to regain primary physical custody, though her attempts have obviously been unsuccessful.

Evans surprised fans in January 2021 when she claimed Jace was going to be living with her full-time again. Her excitement was short-lived, with Barbara Evans telling TMZ her daughter “misspoke” and Jace was still living with her.

Since then Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans have been on bad terms. Now Evans is arguing her mother’s home is unsafe for Jace.

“With the conflict that’s going on at my mom’s house, it’s unnecessary for them to be together full-time,” Evans, 29, told The Sun. “I think it’s time for him to come here.”

Evans Is Fighting for Full Custody

Evans hasn’t given up on Jace. She still wants her eldest son to live with her full time, but with the court proceedings underway she might not be speaking about it publicly as often.

“I have filed to go to court and make the case private,” the North Carolina native told Us Weekly. “I did that for Jace’s protection because … he is old enough now to where, if it’s in the news, I don’t need him reading that or getting upset.”

Evans argued her home would provide a better living situation for Jace. “Because of Jace’s bad behavior, he was supposed to live with me. Then she took that all back and acted like none of that ever happened,” Evans told the publication. “It’s really concerning to me. His behavior is always good here. They have so much land to play with and play on, and [there are] so many kids.”

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