Jenelle Evans Makes ‘Delusional’ Claim About Kylie Jenner

Jenelle Evans

Getty Jenelle Evans had a "funny story" about Kylie Jenner.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans made an accusation about “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner that left fans befuddled. The former MTV star insinuated Jenner copied her idea for an eyebrow kit after they both released their products in 2019.

Evans, 30, made the accusation under a TikTok video from the creator with the username jesssaaaayyyyy. The original poster was joking about Jenner stealing her outfit ideas. “Never be ashamed to admit you’re inspired by someone @kyliejenner,” the creator captioned the video.

But Jenner missed the satire.

“Funny story… when I came out with my eyebrow kit back in 2019… she pushed her eyebrow products and released them THE SAME TIME,” she wrote.

Evans didn’t back down when social media users told her the TikTok video was a “joke.”

“Mine isn’t a joke,” she said.

Evans launched her JE Cosmetics Brow Kit in September 2019, as noted by People.

She decided to make her own kit because she couldn’t find all the products she needed to create her brows in one place.

“I had to go get the tweezers, I had to go get the eyebrow pencil, the powder, and all of that,” Evans told People in 2019. “I was like no one has everything I need in one kit and I figured, you know, I’m just gonna put it all together.”

Jenner dropped her brow kit, Kybrow, in April 2019.

Fans Accused Evans of Being ‘Delusional’

Fans on Reddit mocked Evans for thinking her idea was stolen by Jenner.

“The levels of delusion are sad, scary & hilarious 😂,” one person wrote.

“Anytime you think Jenelle can’t possibly get any more delusional than she already is she goes and proves that yes, she can get way more delusional than we thought,” another person added. “I highly doubt Kylie Jenner is checking on Jenelle to see what she’s doing.”

The most popular comment, with more than 120 upvotes, poked fun at Evans’ claim. “I, for one, am absolutely sick of Kylie Jenner riding the coattails of Jenelle Evans,” it said.

Evans Faced Accusations That Her Brow Kit Contained ‘Mold’

In June 2020, Evans faced claims that her makeup kit contained a fungus after a consumer had the product tested, In Touch Weekly wrote.

Evans denied her brow kit was contaminated.

“Our makeup is completely clean and the FDA can come stop by if they need to,” Evans wrote, according to In Touch Weekly. “I have made out 200+ orders, and you mean to tell me you two are the only ones with ‘mold’? I find that hard to believe. Seems like it was purposely contaminated to for attention.

“You really expect for me to believe a home kit? Right,” she finished.

By 2021, Evans dissolved her cosmetics company.

“Basically I stopped it myself. I still have stuff to sell, and I was still actually selling products, but it’s really hard to keep up with without a team,” Evans told The Sun. “I was the one packaging everything, shipping it all, restocking it, it was really hard to keep up with it without a team.”

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