Jenelle Evans Seemingly Shades Leah Messer For Her Addiction

Leah Messer

MTV Former "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans seemingly shaded Leah Messer about her past drug use.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans seemingly shaded Leah Messer about her past drug use. The West Virginia native has been open about her addiction to pain killers, recently admitted that she tried heroin once.

“I wonder if you’re really going to tell the truth about your addiction. I know too much,” Jenelle tweeted on October 27. “Why was I super honest about mine but you weren’t? Curious.”

She then denied the tweets were about Leah the following day. “Y’all have no idea wtf I’m even talking about… but go ahead keep assuming,” she wrote. “If I tweet anything it’s always taken the wrong way….This has nothing to do with anyone from the show. This is about an old friend of mine from high school.”

“No.. that wasn’t about Leah. I wish you all would stop associating me with the show. Let’s all move on now. Thanks!” she added in another message. “I won’t be tweeting anymore. This drama that’s being started out of thin air is enough for me. Catch me on YouTube.” 

Leah Was Afraid To Speak Out Earlier Because Of The Stigma Associated With Addiction

While responding to a fan on Twitter, Leah said her drug use was definitely evident but the fear of what would happen if she admitted she had a problem stopped her from getting help.

“It was very evident I struggled with addiction, but I don’t feel like anyone should ever feel ashamed to open up and reach for support,” she tweeted. “How are we supposed to recover if we are shamed and ridiculed? Your support and love matters. Addiction can happen to anyone!”

Leah previously talked about driving her car over 100 mph as she contemplated driving it off a cliff. MTV producers saw what was happening through dashcam footage that was installed in her car. She now credits them with saving her life, saying they urged her to get help. Leah later entered a recovery center, saying at the time she was getting help for her emotional health.

“Had the executive producers of Teen Mom 2 not been in my life during my days of active addiction, steering me to some kind of resources/support, I WOULD NOT BE ALIVE & THRIVING today!” she tweeted. “I’ll forever be grateful to their support and for holding me accountable.”

Leah Suffered From A Botched Epidural In 2013

Leah has been more open than ever, opening up about a suicide attempt and allegedly being molested when she was a child in her new memoir, Hope Grace & Faith. In an interview with Heavy, Leah revealed she was working on a second book about her addiction to prescription pills, which started after she gave birth to Addie in 2013. Leah suffered from a botched epidural and was prescribed pain medicine after she gave birth.

Even though she tried to hide her addiction on earlier seasons of Teen Mom, Leah started to speak out about what she went through seven years ago.

“I didn’t feel dependent on the medication I was taking at the time until it was too late and I became suicidal, she said during an interview on the Knockin’ Doorz Down podcast, as cited by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

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