Jenelle Evans Insists on Being ‘Praised’

Jenelle Evans

TikTok Jenelle Evans discusses an old "Teen Mom 2" video.

On January 10, 2022, Jenelle Evans uploaded a TikTok explaining why she’s “not racist.”


#stitch with @a_darosa1992 THANKS @MTV 🙄👍🏼 Can we take Teen Mom OFF @Netflix ? Please?

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

“First of all, I’m not a racist. Let’s get that out of the way.” She continued, “Second of all, I don’t know who Colin Kaepernick is.”

As highlighted by The Sun, Evans was accused of being racist in an old “Teen Mom” clip in which Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, stated that Evans wrote “hateful comments on social media about my family. My man, Colin Kaepernick.”

In the clip, which can be seen below, Evans runs off the stage in tears.

Nessa confronts Jenelle Eason!!Nessa rips into Jenelle! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @tmmamadrama Follow us on Facebook too.

The “Teen Mom 2” star captioned the TikTok: “MTV, can we take Teen Mom OFF Netflix?” She tagged both Netflix and MTV.

Here’s what you need to know:

Evans Fights Back

TikTokJenelle Evans’ TikTok response.

In the comments section of the TikTok, one person wrote, “So you want the show off of Netflix bc you’re mad at how you acted during the show? I’m not a hater but that doesn’t make sense…”

Evans replied, “I have changed and my life should be praised now.”

Although the comment received 151 ‘likes’ on TikTok, Reddit users slammed the statement. In a Reddit post titled, “I have no words,” one person wrote, “This is the best thing I’ve read all day. She’s such a moron. Praised for what? She’s still a piece of trash.”

Another added, “I would almost think this was satire if I didn’t know any better. She continues to amaze me with her stupidity.”

A third wrote, “The more I think about this the funnier it is. I have never been arrested, never lost custody of my kid, never gotten into a physical altercation, am employed.. and I would never use the sentence ‘my life should be praised.'”

David Eason Accused of Racism

In the past, Evans’ husband, David Eason, has also been accused of racism.

In May 2021, Evans told The Sun: “David has nothing against gay people, or trans people. He’d just rather not hang out with them.”

She also stated that the tweets and comments that initially got him fired from “Teen Mom 2” were “blown out of proprtion.”

As fans may recall, Eason was fired from MTV in 2018 after allegedly posting homophobic tweets. In a statement, per People, MTV wrote, “David Eason’s personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV. With six weeks left of production on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.”

Evans subsequently issued a statement that read:

“David didn’t understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works. Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on. David doesn’t hate people from the LGBT community. My old manager was gay and used to be one of me and Davids close friends. We attended Farrah’s birthday in Miami with a lot of LGBT people there and he didn’t act in any type of way. We went had a good time and left. We are sorry for the comments that were made.”

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