Critics Claim Jenelle Evans Has ‘No Respect for Herself’ After Recent Vacation

Jenelle Evans MTV

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Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, recently went on a vacation to St. Thomas, according to the former reality TV star’s Instagram.

On her Instagram Story on June 22, Evans informed fans that she and Eason spent “almost a week” on their trip, and while she was there, she filmed a “huge” vlog for fans that she would post in the coming days.

On Reddit, fans had a lot to say about Evans’ adventure to the Caribbean.

One person wrote, “She has absolutely no respect for herself and it shows. I’m not even talking about her body, I’m talking about how she presents herself. It’s fucking wild how removed from reality she is.”

Another added, “The real question is will it continue once the novelty of, “Hey look at this former reality TV person get naked. Not likely with how she’s running it.”

Some, however, were supportive of Evans, writing, “Say what you will about jenelle but honestly, I admire her body confidence, she doesn’t seem to let weight gain hold her back or upset her. I think that’s a good thing for all women, we feel such pressure to look a certain way. Anywho I’m hella jealous that she gets a sun holiday & im here working My a** off & can’t afford one.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Evans’ Trip to St. Thomas

The MTV alum also included a reel on TikTok of her vacation, which featured a number of shots with her husband, Eason.

The video showcased pictures of the island, the two at the airport and on the plane, and arriving as a band performed for them.

Not everything has been smooth sailing for Evans recently, though.

On June 16, Evans shared her most recent health update, informing her followers that she is being tested for a disorder called small fiber peripheral neuropathy.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, small fiber sensory neuropathy, also known as SFSN, is a “disorder in which only the small sensory cutaneous nerves are affected. The majority of patients experience sensory disturbances that start in the feet and progress upwards. These patients have what is called a length-dependent SFSN.”

Evans Struggles With Her Health

Evans’ health obstacles have been a subject the “Teen Mom” star has addressed numerous times over the past few months.

On March 11, Evans told E! News that she had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

She told the outlet, “For as long as I can remember, I would get extremely bad tension headaches and full body aches—like I had the flu, but was not sick. My entire body gets in so much pain and sometimes I lay in bed and cry. [For] a long time, no one believed my symptoms until I got a second opinion from a new neurologist recently.”

Then, on June 8, Evans told fans she was getting an MRI on a cyst on her spine.

In a June 4 TikTok, Evans explained to a critic: “You can’t just recover from a cyst in your spine… Instead of being so rude, be like, ‘hey, what’s been happening with your health lately. I still have a cyst in my spine,” she continued. “I actually have to go get an MRI checkup to see how long it’s gotten.”

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