Jenelle Evans Asks Fans for Help in Podcast Venture

Jenelle Evans

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Jenelle Evans is kicking off the new year with her podcast, “The Jenelle Evans Podcast.” On December 27, 2021, the former “Teen Mom” star posted a video of her podcast room to Instagram, and wrote, “Getting the podcast ready before the new year.”

In her second post, she sought help from fans, writing, “What should I talk about on the podcast?”

Evans posted her first podcast on April 26, 2021. On Audible, she wrote the following synopsis: “Welcome to The Jenelle Evans’ Podcast, where I can’t be canceled no matter how hard they try. Hahaha! We’re going to talk trending topics, controversies, and speak with unexpected guests each week. Let’s do this!”

Fans on Reddit slammed Evans for asking fans for help, with a post titled, “As usual, Jenelle has no actual ideas.” Someone else echoed those sentiments, writing, “What happened to Davids new podast.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Slam Evans on Reddit

As usual, Evans received negative comments from fans on Reddit, many of whom mocked her for the pocast.

One person wrote, “Lol she remembered she started a ‘podcast,'” while another wrote, “Talk about and explain why you’re such a piece of sh**, please. I’ll wait.”

Others offered more thought-out responses, like one individual who wrote, “Münchausen syndrome, child abuse, mental illness, codependency, and alcoholism. I am being totally serious. If she could get credible professionals on her ‘podcast,’ she may learn something about herself and situation. At the very least, she could read books about the topics and give her perspective, as someone previously mentioned.”

Evans has nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, so there’s no doubt that she has the ability to reach a large audience with her podcast.

Some people want to know if Evans will get candid about her “struggles” on the podcast. One user wrote, “The ‘docuseries’ she created while they were broken up I felt was coming closer to her being real, if I remember correctly..”

Jenelle Evans & Family Celebrate Christmas

Recently, Evans posted a video of her family celebrating Christmas extremely early on the morning of December 25. The TikTok shows her children– Jace, Ensely, and Kaiser– opening presents at 4:45 am.

One person wrote on the video, “445 am? Wow! Why so early?” and Evans replied, “Trust me… we didn’t want to wake up that early.”

In the video, Evans also shows off a gift from her husband, David Eason. The outfit is a cheetah print workout set with marijuana leaves on it. While Evans was a clear fan of the gift, others didn’t share those feelings.

Someone wrote, “Was the gift David bought her one she bought herself ? So technically it was a gift to herself.”

Another added, “The weed leopard print wooof.”

The video has over 264k views on it.

Evans and her family live in North Carolina, in what The Sun described as a “modular home” that comes equipped with an inground pool and “more amenities.”

The house, as fans may recall, was featured on “Teen Mom 2.”

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