Teen Mom: Why Jenelle Evans Slammed Chelsea Houska

Jenelle Evans

Instagram/Jenelle Evans/Chelsea Houska Former "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans slammed former co-star Chelsea Houska DeBoer, who is currently pregnant with her fourth baby.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans slammed former co-star Chelsea Houska DeBoer, who is currently pregnant with her fourth baby. The diss came after a netizen accused Jenelle of stealing Chelsea’s style, according to screenshots obtained by In Touch Weekly.

The North Carolina native had posted a picture of herself on October 21 that said, “Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be.” Some commenters dissed her ensemble, with one person asking, “Did you steal that outfit when you broke into Chelsea’s house?” The person might also have been referring to the break-in Chelsea experienced at her South Dakota home.

Jenelle then replied, “Yeah … she only likes plaid lol.” It appears she has since deleted the comment.

Some people came to Chelsea’s defense. “Don’t disrespect Chelsea like that,” one person wrote. “Chelsea wouldn’t be caught dead with mom jeans in her closet,” another added.

Chelsea Is Excited For Her Baby To Come

Chelsea didn’t seem to respond to Jenelle’s insult. During an interview with Heavy, she revealed that her pregnancy was going by quickly. 

“It’s been flying by,” she said. “We’re halfway… And I feel like we know what to do. We’re prepared… We’re ready to go.”

“It’s going so fast, and I feel like I’m a hold her next week, but I still gotta wait a little while, you know,” Cole agreed. “We’re pros!”

While Chelsea revealed that she hasn’t experienced anything strange, she admitted that being pregnant is weird in general for her. Her babies normally come early, so they’re expecting their little girl to come sooner than the doctors predicted.

“It’s crazy that this is my fourth baby and how different each pregnancy can be,” she told Heavy. “Like you think you know, what can happen but no it’s still a curveball, but I can’t think of anything weird.”

Chelsea Has Been Open About Her Anxiety

One of the storylines that have been shared on Teen Mom 2 surrounds Chelsea’s battle with anxiety. She described being afraid to leave the house and just fearful in general. After deciding that she was going to figure out how to beat it, Chelsea offered advice to others who might be struggling with their emotional health.

“When I was in the worst part of it, it scared me because I didn’t know what would happen,” she revealed to Heavy. “I wanted to feel better. I wasn’t just gonna be like, Okay, this is how I’m gonna feel all the time now.”

The MTV personality said she tried everything to feel better–and self-care is what helped her the most. “Whether it’s speaking with your doctor, starting therapy, reading books… do whatever you can to help,” she explained. “Focus on yourself so you can get your headspace where it needs to be. I had to take a moment and be like, ‘Okay, I’m not just a mom. I have to focus on me, too.’ And I think that was really helpful.” She added that her husband was also a  huge support system for her.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom 2 when it airs at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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