Jenelle Evans Responds to Body-Shamers on TikTok

Jenelle Evans

Getty Jenelle Evans responds to body shamers

Former “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans, 31, called out body shamers on TikTok on Thursday, March 23.

The body-shaming began after Evans posted a TikTok of her in a bikini, enjoying some time on a boat on Thursday. Shortly after Evans shared the video, she was met with negativity and fat-shaming in the comment section.

The MTV star decided to post a follow-up video, responding to one of the comments on her bikini TikTok.

“That belly,” the comment read.

“Yeah, so this belly also housed three kids,” Evans shot back. “And this belly also had [her] appendix removed.”

“And this belly also had a hernia repaired,” she continued. “So, yeah, girls go through a lot. The human body goes through a lot.”

Evans ended the video with a sarcastic remark aimed at the TikTok commenter.

“But yeah, a belly could get big sometimes,” she said. “I’m sorry that is so surprising to you.”

Fans React to Evans’s Response Video

Fans loved seeing Evans stick up for herself. They fled to the comment section to share their thoughts on Evans’s response video.

“It’s 2023. Why are people still body shaming,” one TikTok user wrote.

“Proud of you girl,” another user commented.

“I wish people would stop body shaming,” a third user added. “You look amazing Jenelle.”

“Ignore the ignorance,” a fourth user chimed in. “You look amazing!!”

“Tell em girlll,” a fifth user commented.

Jenelle Calls Out Her Co-Star Kailyn Lowry For Body Shaming

Evans’s Thursday video is not the first time the “Teen Mom” star has addressed the topic of body shaming on her TikTok.

In December 2022, Evans reacted to a video that suggested she fat-shamed her “Teen Mom 2” co-star Kailyn Lowry, 31.

Evans made a video in response, telling fans she never body-shamed Lowry.


Let’s put this rumor to rest 💯 #Bullying

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

“Let’s put this rumor to rest,” she said in the December 6 video. “I never fat-shamed Kail, never did.”

“People really believe I fat-shamed her with like, no proof,” she added.

The North Carolina native reminded fans that it was her husband, David Eason, 34, and Lowry that frequently feuded online.

“If anything, I will admit it was David and Kail going back and forth,” she said. “They went back and forth for years. I was sick of it. I was in the f***ing middle.”

Evans went on to say that Lowry had body-shamed her in the past.

“As soon as I gained a little bit of weight, who was the first one to comment about my weight, Kail,” she said.

Evans then showed an excerpt from an article that included one of Lowry’s previous tweets.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but David better never come for my body ever again,” Lowry tweeted in May 2020.

The article excerpt Evans shared on her TikTok stated that fans thought Lowry’s tweet was directed at Evans, who had recently posted a bikini photo, but that is not confirmed.

Lowry addressed the speculation in a May 21 tweet, writing, “Let me just be clear. I said what I said directed to David and only David. Whatever y’all deduced on your own is on you.”

Evans ended the video with a message for her fans. “Don’t let anyone fat-shame or bully you.” She included the hashtag “bullying” in the caption.

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