Fans Flood Jenelle Evans’ ‘First Day of School’ Pics with Comments

Jenelle Evans

Getty Jenelle Evans in 2019.

Fans took to the comments of “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans’ latest Instagram post with her kids.

On July 18, 2022, Evans posted a photo on Instagram of herself with her two younger children, Kaiser and Ensley dressed and ready for their first day of school.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Were Confused With Jenelle Evans’ Kids Starting School in July: ‘Dang Y’all Start School Early’

“I’m not crying, you’re crying! All my babies are officially in school now,” Evans wrote along with the #FirstDayOfSchool hashtag.

The post (which has comments limited) was flooded with comments about the early start time.

“Damn in july?” someone asked.

“They start so early there!!!” another fan pointed out.

“I’m in the UK and my sons school hasn’t even started their summer break yet,” a fan wrote.

“Canada we don’t start until September! We just started our summer break,” someone else added.

“Dang y’all start school early,” a fan said. “In Texas it isn’t till Aug 10.”

“My kids don’t start until September after Labor Day in Philadelphia,” another fan wrote.

“School? It’s July!! Omg,” someone commented.

“Do they have longer breaks through the year?? It’s only mid July wtf,” a fan asked.

“school???? Isnt it still summer???” someone else asked.

“It’s not even August…wth????” a commenter wrote.

A thread was started on Reddit about the photo as well.

July 18 is the first day of school? Where?” someone wrote on Reddit. 

“Something tells me that Ensley is nowhere near ready for Kindergarten,” a fan said.

“Those poor kids,” another fan wrote. Someone else replied writing, “I’m thinking they are probably happier at school than home.”

“These babies are better off at school, even in July, than at home with moon face and d******,” someone wrote.

Fans also gathered to rip into Evans and her husband for the lunches they packed for their children and then shared on TikTok.

Fans Criticized Evans for What She Packed in Her Kid’s Lunch Box: ‘I Feel so so Bad for Those Kids’

On the same day her children started school Evans shared a video on TikTok of their packed lunches.

A Reddit thread was started to criticize what the couple packed for their small children for the day.

“She shoulda kept this one in the drafts,” a fan wrote.

“It could be a lot worse,” a fan pointed out, defending the video. “At least they are getting fed. So many kids come to school with nothing. Yeah J and D suck as parents and the food may not be the most nutritious but at least they have 2 food groups … 3 if you count dairy on the pasta.”

“I feel so so bad for those kids with these crackhead parents,” someone wrote. 

“My daughter is starting kindergarten in August, if I packed her a brick of lasagna for her first day she would probably cry,” another comment reads.

Several fans commented on the original post asking where the protein was.

“no veggies?” another fan wrote.

“Next time maybe add more protein and less refined carbs? I’d eat it all though,” a fan wrote. Evans replied saying, “There is ground pork in the noodles lol forgot to mention.”

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Dianne Duncan
Dianne Duncan
1 year ago

I’m North Carolina where I believe she resides some districts are on a year round calendar. I looked the info up and indeed the day she posted was the first day of school for her kids.

Dianne Duncan
Dianne Duncan
1 year ago
Reply to  Dianne Duncan