Jenelle Evans Threatens to Shoot Drone in Unseen ‘Teen Mom’ Clip

Jenelle Evans

YouTube Jenelle Evans threatens to shoot down a drone in this unseen MTV clip.

Jenelle Evans threatened to shoot down a drone in this unseen clip from MTV that was obtained by Reddit users.

In the video, Evans says into the phone: “Are you serious?” She is talking to her husband, David Eason, who informed Evans that drones were “taking video of the whole thing.” Eason was likely referring to the couple’s wedding, which was taking place that day.

“The paparazzi are trying to get a drone shot,” Evans tells her friend. “Yeah, yeah. We will shoot it,” she added.

She continued by stating that the drone was on her private property. “You’re not allowed to be a peeping tom. I’m pretty sure the cop will understand it’s my day and they’re trying to ruin my day.”

Evans finished by stating she would get her own drone and hit the intruder’s down.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reddit Users Mock Jenelle Evans

Reddit users had a lot to say about the unseen clip.

One user said of Evans, “She’s confidently stupid.”

Another added, “Did she just say that a cop would understand if they shot a f****** drone because it’s her wedding day??”

And a third wrote, “Her comparing herself to the queen,” with a crying face emoji.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Evans and Eason were paid a hefty sum for allowing MTV to film their nuptials. A source told the outlet that Evans would only condone filming at her wedding if she was paid extra.

The source shared, “The higher-ups would not pay her extra to shoot the wedding at first. Eventually, after a lot of back-and-forth, MTV and Jenelle agreed that MTV would pay Jenelle and David a ‘location fee’ rather than a flat-out payment to film the wedding.”

The outlet reported that the couple made $15,000 from MTV as a “location fee.”

“MTV certainly would be trying to keep that on the down low, though,” the source added. “It doesn’t look good when fans see them giving in to the stars’ demands.”

Evans’ Hesitancy About Being Filmed By MTV

VideoVideo related to jenelle evans threatens to shoot drone in unseen ‘teen mom’ clip2022-05-10T11:40:04-04:00

These days, Evans is far more hesitant to allow MTV to film her personal life.

In fact, in a YouTube video uploaded on May 4, 2022, Evans explained that while she was invited to Briana DeJesus’ “lawsuit party,” she didn’t want to be coerced into filming if she chose to attend.

Evans said, “Briana just invited me to her lawsuit party and it’s, um, in Florida later on this month. I don’t know if MTV is going to be there so like why do I even want to go. Like I want to go there to be Briana’s friend, but I don’t know if MTV is going to like try to weasel me into their filming if you know what I’m saying.”

She added that it’s frustrating that she can’t use her name in a “professional” setting.

In the video, titled “Depressed,” Evans also opened up about an alleged “hate campaign” that is getting in the way of her brand deals.

Evans shared, “It’s just… you know, haters. It just gets to me because I’m trying to move on and I’m trying to focus on the positive in life and not focus on the negative but it’s really hard…there’s a group of haters that just have a hate campaign against me and they literally comment on all these posts.”

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