Reddit Ridicules Jenelle Evans’ Response to Son’s Alleged Bullying

Jenelle Evans

YouTube Jenelle Evans

On April 13, 2022, Jenelle Evans uploaded a TikTok advising parents to check their children’s phones. She then shared a story about learning that one of her own kids was being bullied over text when she did, in fact, check his phone.

A comment Evans later posted on her Instagram Story in regards to the bullying, however, has angered Reddit users.

In her TikTok, Evans discussed an alleged incident that she said took place last year. “About a year ago, I took one of my kid’s phones, and I saw that they had been texting this girl, which is fine– they were just friends. But this girl started being very mean to my child and bullying my child and talking about ‘unaliving’ themselves,” Evans explained.

Evans said that she told her son that kind of discussion should not be taking place. She continued, “Fast forward a year later, this girl is still texting my son and being so mean. Saying the most horrible language to him and joking about death again.”

Evans then reposted the TikTok to her Instagram Story.

In a post on her Story, seen above, Evans later wrote, “Just to clarify yes we contacted the school to talk to the girls parents. My son told me he blocked her a year ago. I knew the girl was joking. Because she wrote, ‘happy April fools day, I’m alive!'”

Here’s what you need to know:

Reddit Slammed Jenelle Evans for Her Comment

Reddit users took issue with Evans saying that she knew the girl was joking. One user mocked the former “Teen Mom” star, writing, “Big brain Jenelle: she SAID April Fools, you guys.” Another echoed those sentiments, writing, “But it was April fools. Only fool here is Jenelle.”

Others questioned whether the alleged incident took place at all. One person wrote, “None of this happened lol. She’s ridiculous.” Someone else chimed in, “Once she said she contacted the school….. I knew she was lying. Girl bye.”

On TikTok, however, fans appeared to support Evans. One person commented on  the TikTok, “Sooo important to check! It’s safety. You’re such a good mom ❤️.” Another wrote, “Giving your child privacy is important but you also need to protect them.”

Evans Said She Was ‘Taking a Break’ from TikTok

This is far from the first time Evans has received backlash online. And while many TikTok users appeared to support the aforementioned video, Evans has been open about her problems with TikTok in the past.

On March 31, 2022, Monsters and Critics reported that Evans had uploaded an Instagram Story that read, “@TikTok the bullying is real… You should set controls like Instagram and Youtube.” She added, “Taking a break from the app.”

One day later, however, Evans uploaded a TikTok.

Morning RoutineGlance into our mornings with the kids while we get them ready for school, feed them breakfast, and get them there on time! Subscribe and like for more content like this. Turn on notifications to know when NEW videos are uploaded!2022-04-12T21:25:28Z

Evans has continued to be active on YouTube and Instagram, as well. On April 13, 2022, she posted a YouTube video titled, “Morning Routine.” In the video, she showed her children preparing for school.

The eight-minute clip featured a tired Evans insisting her children brush their teeth. David Eason, Evans’ husband, also made an appearance in the video.

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