Jenelle Evans Responds to Claims She Threatened Fan

Jenelle Evans

MTV Evans is being roasted on Reddit.

On September 9, a Reddit user who goes by the username u/hillbillie_eilish wrote that they were “threatened by a (Teen Mom) cast member” online.

The user wrote on Reddit that they have only made parody “Teen Mom” videos that are more “tame” than others on the Internet. However, the user says they still received a number of threatening comments and messages to their account.

The user writes that in one message, a “Teen Mom” cast member, “called me an ugly c**t…” The user continued, “My jaw has DROPPED to the floor that this interaction even happened. After a slew of comments on all of my old posts, mostly incoherent ramblings telling me I should never talk about people’s golden doodles again and how I’m an ugly little c**t’ that will pay’ (for what I do not know) the account was deleted. I still have the screenshots and proof.”

As of Friday afternoon, the Reddit thread discussing the reported threats was locked by moderators of the TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit.

In the comments that did exist, however, fans tagged the suspect as Jenelle Evans, as she owns a Golden Doodle.

Now, Evans is responding to those who’ve assumed she’s the culprit.

Heavy has reached out to the Reddit user who claims they were threatened by a member of the “Teen Mom” cast.

Here’s what you need to know.

Jenelle Evans: ‘It’s Not About Me’

In an Instagram story posted on September 10, Evans denied sending anyone threats.

She said to her 2.8 million followers: “You guys are tagging me… they’re claiming on Reddit that I’m randomly messaging fans… I would never randomly just message somebody that I don’t know and threaten them that they’re ‘gonna pay’ because I made a comment about their dog.”

She concluded, “It’s not about me.”

Fans have, once again, clapped back at Evans for even addressing the rumors. While some Reddit users don’t believe that Evans is telling the truth, others pointed out Evans’ own use of social media.

One person wrote, “(Jenelle) is always like ‘I don’t careeee, y’all are haters!!!!’ then proceeds to make a 5 minute video to said haters about how much she really doesn’t care.”

Another wrote, “Her body language tells me that was a lie.”

And a third commented, “Jenelle asking if we are in high school….as she makes her 83rd TikTok for the day is rich.”

Evans’ Tiktok Videos


Yall keep tagging me… here it is. ☀️🎶 ( DC: @Ira Wilkins )

♬ original sound – DJ Noiz

For weeks, TikTok users have ridiculed Evans for her TikTok dances and other videos, as seen above.

Most recently, fans accused Evans of mocking her son in this TikTok video.

In the video, Evans shows her son, Kaiser, and comments that he went to school and forgot to bring his book bag and homework.

Kaiser then explains that he doesn’t like PE because he has to “stretch” and “exercise” to which Evans says he “needs” physical education.

On TikTok, one user wrote: “As a parent it’s your job to make sure he doesn’t forget anything.”

And on Reddit, fans roasted Evans, writing things like, “She has no job. Can she do the bare minimum for her kids?” and “The way she mocks him for not liking PE. Kids imitate their surroundings, poor little man doesn’t have a chance.”

Someone else commented, “Does she think this is relatable? He’s only in first grade. Any decent parent would double check a 7 year old has everything they need before they drive all the way to school and wouldn’t shame them publicly if a child acted like a child.”

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