Kail Lowry Says She Was Kidnapped

Kail Lowry

MTVs Teen Mom / YouTube Kail Lowry

Former “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry first met her father, who left her and her mother when Lowry was only six months old, as cameras rolled on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” more than a decade ago. In a series of videos posted to the reality star’s TikTok page on January 12, 2023, Lowry opened up about meeting her father for the first time and the long road it took to get there, including a claim that she was kidnapped as an infant.

In the videos, Lowry, who announced she was leaving “Teen Mom 2” in May 2022, said the fact that she had never met her father was “one of the reasons” she was chosen to be a cast member for “16 and Pregnant”.

“I don’t think anyone else on the series had that situation yet,” the “Coffee Convos” podcast host said.

In the TikTok videos, Lowry said from the time she was 10 or 11 years old she wanted to learn more about her father and would snoop through her mother’s belongings in search of any information she could find.

“I’d go through her old purses, and I’d try to find, like, whatever I could,” Lowry said, adding that “nothing ever came” of her efforts. But years later, when Lowry was a pregnant high school student, her sister’s father found Lowry on Facebook and sent her a message.

“And in this message, she’s basically talking about how she had been looking for me pretty much my entire life,” she said. Lowry then related a story her aunt told her about an incident that occurred when she was a baby.

“I ended up actually getting kidnapped,” the “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast host revealed.

Kail Lowry Said She was Kidnapped by her Biological Father as a Baby and Brought to Texas

Lowry said when she was about six months old, her father decided to take her to Texas without telling her mother, who was at work at the time. Lowry was “super, super sick” the day she was kidnapped, she said.

“My mom went to work, and allegedly my dad was going to take me to the doctor,” Lowry said. “But instead, he decided to pick up and leave and take me to Texas, and no one was able to find me until somehow I ended up in the hospital.”

Lowry said her mother traveled to Texas to bring her home.

“I end up in the hospital with pneumonia, I’m like six months old,” Lowry said. “My mom allegedly does whatever she has to do, she gets to Texas, she gets me, and that’s when the judge ultimately grants her to go to rehab [so] she can retain custody of me.”

After her mother was awarded custody, her aunt lost contact with her, Lowry said.

“[My aunt] said that she had tried through the years, on MySpace and other things, but never really came across me,” she said.

Kail Lowry Has a Sister on Her Father’s Side

Lowry said her father “confirmed” the existence of her sister, Mikaila Searcy, adding that she first learned she had a sister from her mother’s boyfriend when she was 12 years old.

“My dad told me … we were born the same exact height and weight, almost exactly four years apart, and all my kids are four years apart [too],” Lowry said.

Lowry previously opened up about having a sister and said the two do not have much of a relationship. However, at one point they appeared to be close. In a 2013 Instagram post featuring a picture of Lowry and Mikaila sitting side by side, Mikaila wrote, “‘Together forever, but never apart, maybe in distance but never by heart.’ I love you sis,” followed by a red heart emoji.

Lowry responded to the post, writing, “I love you so much. There’s nothing like the bond of sisters.”

In the TikTok videos, Lowry spoke of feeling “mortified” when she met her father for the first time since she was a baby.

“He [had] just completely let himself go,” she said, adding that her father was “absolutely not what I expected” based on photographs she had seen of him when he was younger. “It was a very humbling experience for me to meet him,” she said.

Lowry said when she went to her father’s house for Thanksgiving dinner after meeting him in front of the MTV cameras, he asked her if he could borrow 20 dollars.

“You’re borrowing 20 dollars from your daughter who you’re just meeting for the first time, 17 years old, pregnant…” Lowry said, recalling the exchange.

In 2022, Lowry said she had no desire to pursue a relationship with either of her parents, referring to her father as a “sperm donor.”

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