Kailyn Lowry Reveals ‘Truly Incredible’ Birth Experience

Kailyn Lowry

Getty Former "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry revealed she gave birth in her bed.

Former “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry said it was “truly incredible” to give birth to her fourth child, Creed, at home in her bed. The podcast host welcomed her three eldest sons in a hospital, but she wanted to try something different the fourth time around.

Lowry, 30, opened up about her home birth in an intimate TikTok. All of her birthing experiences with her four sons — Isaac ,12; Lincoln, 8; Lux, 5 and Creed, 2 — were different.

“So I had experienced 13 hours, 16 hours, and then 90-minute births prior to Creed,” she said. “When I had the 90-minute birth with Lux, it was literally from the time my water broke until I pushed him out was 90 minutes flat.”

“So when I committed to this home birth, which I had always wanted to do, I thought it was gonna go much faster,” Lowry revealed. “I ended up being in labor for around nine hours before I gave birth.”

Lowry’s birth story comes after The Sun published paparazzi photos of her leaving a Wawa in Deleware. The podcast host has been plagued with pregnancy rumors for months — ever since she started dating her boyfriend, Elijah Scott — but the star has repeatedly said she didn’t want more children and was getting her tubes tied. She even called people “rude” for suspecting she was pregnant based on pictures of her body.

Lowry Loved Working With Her Midwife

Having a midwife for the at-home birth was an amazing experience for Lowry. Just encouraged the former “Teen Mom 2” star to trust her body.

“My midwife was absolutely incredible, she was like, ‘However you want to birth is fine. You want to stand up, you want to be in the shower, you want to be in the tub, you want to be in your bath. However you want to give birth, listen to your body and we’ll do it.’”

She was surprised that when the time came, she wanted to push from her bed.

“I ended up wanting to give birth in my bed, which kind of goes against everything that I stood for with hospital births,” Lowry said. “Like, you don’t just lay on your back. That goes against gravity, it goes against nature, like, what the hell?”

“But we did it anyway and I absolutely loved it,” she revealed. “It was incredible. Like it was truly incredible.”

Lowry Didn’t Like That a Doctor Wasn’t At the Home Birth

While there were plenty of benefits to giving home at birth, Lowry didn’t like that a doctor wasn’t there to check on Creed after she welcomed him into the world.

I just really wanted to have a pediatrician like look at him right after birth and make sure everything was fine because he did come out and he was not breathing for like, a little over a minute I think,” Lowry confessed.

“I have the videos. So that was a little bit scary but everything else was so frickin incredible,” she continued. “The only downside was the pediatrician not checking the baby.”

The former “Teen Mom 2” star was “anxious” about Creed’s health so she took him to the pediatrician the same day he was born.

“So I had a little bit of anxiety with that but other than that it was absolutely incredible,” she revealed.

Lowry quit “Teen Mom 2” in April after more than 12 years with the series. She declined to participate in the new shows, “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” and “Teen Mom: Family Reunion.”

The star might not be done with reality TV for good. She told Perez Hilton during a podcast episode of “Barely Famous” that she would go back to reality TV if MTV — or another network — gave her her own show. She wasn’t interested in “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” because she doesn’t think there was enough time for MTV to tell her full story when eight other people are on the show.

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