Kailyn Marvels Creed’s Hair Amid Paternity Rumors

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry marveled at Creed's blond hair amid rumors Chris Lopez was not his biological father.

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry was mocked by some fans after she expressed amazement over Creed’s blond hair amid rumors Chris Lopez was not his biological father. The gossip kicked up after Kailyn accused ex-husband Javi Marroquin of trying to sleep with her while he was dating Lauren Comeau.

Kailyn, 28, shared a picture of the back of Creed’s head on Instagram. “Genetics are so crazy,” she wrote. “Do we think his hair will stay blond?” An early poll, which was shared on Reddit, showed fans were split about whether the 7-month-old’s hair would get darker or stay blond.

Some netizens on the Teen Mom subreddit argued it wasn’t extraordinary that Creed has blond hair since she does also. “Genetics are not crazy. Kail has blonde hair, this isn’t cRaZy,” they said. “What’s crazy is how dumb-focused she is on it.”

Another person accused Kailyn of racism. “It’s not crazy. She’s racist. Makes perfect sense,” they said. “Let us not forget the ‘little white boys’ comment related to Isaac’s hair.”

One person claimed the mother-of-four was unhappy with her youngest son’s fair appearance. “It’s one thing for Kail to want to change her looks, but she seems a little displeased with Creed’s looks,” they wrote. “Which is sad because he’s totally her cutest kid,” a second netizen chimed in.

Kailyn Previously Asked People to Stop Talking About Creed’s Skin Color

Creed arguably looks more like his half-brother Isaac Rivera than his full-brother, Lux Lowry. It’s part of what has led to the speculation about the child’s paternity.

“Why does the baby look like Isaac rather than his real brother,” one person wrote to her in October 2020. “LOL am I missing something. I mean Creed looks nothing like ur last kid and don’t they have the same dad. I’m confused.”

The Deleware resident previously asked viewers to stop gossiping about her son’s complexion. “It’s 2020 & we are still confused about how genetics work?!? IIIIMMMMM confused,” she wrote on Instagram, as noted by The Sun. “Please stop messaging and commenting about my sons’ color. Yes. Chris is his dad. But I’m white so there was a possibility that our child could be white. Imagine that.”

Chris has also addressed speculation about Creed’s complexion. “Ummm at one point Lux looked white,” he wrote. “Y’all do know his mother is a white woman right? Is it abnormal for a white woman to birth a white-skinned baby?”

Kailyn Is No Stranger to Criticism

While people are picking apart Kailyn’s posts, the star has often been criticized. Most recently, she was slammed by some fans for not wanting to pay for 7-year-old son Lincoln Marroquin’s X-rays after he had an accident that led to a bloody nose.

The star explained on her “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast with co-host Vee Rivera that Lincoln has gotten bloody noses before, but this was the most intense one. When the bleeding didn’t stop after 20 minutes, she took him to the hospital to get him checked out. The doctors ultimately advised against getting an X-ray because there’s a lot of cartilage in the nose and there might not have been much for them to do even if they ascertained it was broken.

Kailyn has also been lambasted throughout the coronavirus pandemic for traveling with her children and taking them out to do activities. Even though she was accused of being reckless, Kailyn maintains that she and her children are tested for the virus three times a week — and so is anyone who comes into contact with them.

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