Kailyn Lowry’s New Boyfriend Says He Fathered Creed: Report

Kailyn Lowry

MTV There's a new rumor swirling in the "Teen Mom" world, and this one is courtesy of Kailyn Lowry's ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez.

There’s a new rumor swirling in the “Teen Mom” world, and this one is courtesy of Kailyn Lowry’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez. He and Lowry share two sons together — 4-year-old Lux and 1-year-old Creed — but in since-deleted tweets, Lopez said Lowry’s new boyfriend — 23-year-old neighbor Elijah Scott — is claiming to be the father of her youngest son.

“For everyone who been acknowledging my growth I’m bout to throw it out the window,” Lopez tweeted, per screenshots obtained by Teen Mom Tea. “Cause clearly y’all thinking I’m sweet now.”

“And now I’m being told she on her podcast saying she going to tell my son and he loves her 6th bf. why is it only my kids,” he said in another message. “First you got homeboy claiming he fathered my son because he was sleeping with my [baby mama].”

Lowry Might Tell Lux Lopez Asked a Judge to Relinquish His Parental Rights

Lopez also alluded to claims that Lowry might tell Lux that Lopez contemplated signing his rights away, but he plans to explain himself to his son when he’s older. “You d*** right Lux that chick had me at my wits I didn’t know what to do anymore,” Lopez tweeted about Lowry. “It’s called daddy son heart to heart when the time comes.”

Lopez also sounded off in the comments section on Teen Mom Chatter’s page after the fan site shared a clip of Lowry’s discussion on “Baby Mamas No Drama.” She told co-host Vee Rivera that “someone” asked if she was going to Lux about the situation.

“Yes. It was anger but he still said it and there is still court transcripts that have it,” Lowry said. She doesn’t want “someone else” to tell Lux, figuring he was going to find out eventually.

“She gets tf on my nerves… y’all use a man’s only weakness as a pawn and expect a man not to break,” Lopez wrote on May 11. “& when the times comes I will have no problem explaining to my son about that situation s*** I’m not proud about it but at least I can admit and own up to my faults😮‍💨🤷🏽‍♂️.”

Lowry Is ‘In Love’ With Scott

Lowry talked about Lux loving her new boyfriend on an episode of “Baby Mamas No Drama” with Rivera. Lux is usually slow to “warm up” to new people, with Rivera joking that Lux is still shy around her and she sees him “all the time.”

Lowry agreed it was the “best feeling” and “such a relief” to have her sons like her new boyfriend.

The “Teen Mom 2” alum also gushed over Scott during an episode of her second podcast, “Coffee Convos,” with co-host Lindsie Chrisley. She plans to announce her relationship with Scott in about two weeks.

She has the picture picked out already, too. “You guys are totally in love in this photo right now,” Chrisley said around the 50-minute mark.

“I just feel like this was so organic and off guard,” Lowry said, revealing Lux took the candid picture.

“That laugh is the same laugh you make when I talk to you, so this just slightly pisses me off… I’m upset. I’m jealous,” Chrisley joked.

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