Kailyn Lowry’s Boyfriend, Elijah Scott, Weighs in on Her Fame

Kailyn Lowry

Getty "Teen Mom" star Kailyn Lowry's boyfriend, Elijah Scott, appeared on her podcast.

Former “Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry interviewed her boyfriend, Elijah Scott, for the December 30 episode of her “Barely Famous” podcast.

The couple has been dating since April 2021. They met after Scott purchased a home in Lowry’s neighborhood.

After being asked questions by Lowry, Scott said that he doesn’t mind her fame. But sometimes the things people say on social media can bother him.

“The only thing I don’t like about it is people that run they mouth and don’t know the full story,” he said. “And then sometimes with the paparazzi following…”

Lowry said the paparazzi was the next question she had for Scott, . She wanted to know if they bothered him and how he interacted with photographers.

I guess I was rude,” Scott — who served in the military — told Lowry. “I got PTSD. Being watched, being followed is like a trigger. So it was kinda triggering. When it comes to family, I don’t play around with my family being followed so it was kinda rough.”

When it comes to the “trolls,” Scott said they normally don’t bother him.

“I don’t care what they say, but sometimes it can be depending on the day I had at work,” he said. “It can be overwhelming.”

Scott told Lowry the biggest rumor he’s seen is that he and Lowry split. He didn’t mention the supposed baby. There are some social media users who are convinced that Lowry had a secret baby, even though the former MTV star debunked the gossip multiple times.

Lowry Accused the Paparazzi of Stalking Her

Lowry said she was scared because of the paparazzi in August. She accused them of stalking her.

“I’ve been chased by paparazzi for three days,” Lowry said on “Coffee Convos” “I’m frustrated because I literally felt like I couldn’t even shower naked because I felt like someone was watching me. Because they’ve been outside my house. They follow me everywhere I go. I literally have 10 pictures in my phone of every place I went yesterday and they follow me.”

She said the police wouldn’t help her and she didn’t feel like she had any privacy, even at home.

“I went to the police for help and they told me because I left out information — I guess that they were paparazzi — that I wasted resources. But I didn’t know it mattered that they were paparazzi,” Lowry explained. “Now I’m scared. Because at first it was funny but now it’s not funny because I feel like they’re watching me in my bathroom.”

Lowry Defended Scott’s Appearance on Her Podcast

One fan on Instagram said the “Barely Famous” episode with Scott wasn’t a good listen.

“Kail, honey 😩 it’s like you were having a conversation with one of your children.. a hard listen to say the least,” the person wrote.

Lowry defended her boyfriend, saying he’s not used to speaking on a public platform.

“He is young, I get it. But keep in mind he isn’t part of a public lifestyle so this is new, podcast may be weird for him,” Lowry answered. “He wanted to support me in podcast so he agreed but he really is a man of very few words in general.”

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