Kailyn Lowry Reveals Who She Cheated On

Kailyn Lowry

MTV Kailyn Lowry speaks up on her podcast.

Kailyn Lowry is opening up about her history of cheating — but it might not be what fans think.

On the May 26 episode of “Coffee Convos,” Lowry said she’s been battling cheating rumors when it comes to tricky timelines with between her new boyfriend, 23-year-old Elijah Scott, her ex, Malik Montogermy, and the father of her two youngest sons, Chris Lopez.

Lowry confirmed was dating Scott in May, and they were at least dating in April because that’s when the “Teen Mom” reunion was filmed and Scott made an appearance.

Lowry and Montgomery — who dated on and off for two years — officially broke up in March, according to a post he shared on Instagram.

Lowry has a 21-month-old son with Lopez, but she maintains she never cheated on Montgomery with Lopez.

“…Never cheated on Chris. I know the timeline with Malik was weird but I never dated two people at one time,” she said on “Coffee Convos,” around the one-hour mark.

“There was a time where Chris and I were done but I still wanted to see if I could make it work, and at this time I was with Malik,” she added. “But I wasn’t sure — I never cheated on him with Chris or anything.”

Who Did Lowry Cheat On?

There are two times Lowry admitted to straying from her relationship. She said she cheated on Jordan Wenner with Jo Rivera, the father of her 12-year-old son, Isaac, and she said she cheated on a girl — who might be ex-girlfriend, Dominique Potter — although Lowry didn’t mention Potter by name.

“And, depending on how you look at the situation, I did briefly date a girl on and off,” Lowry said. “She would probably say I cheated on her. I didn’t feel like it was a real relationship but I will take the ‘L’ and say that I cheated on her.”

Lowry maintained she never cheated on Rivera; her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, Lopez, or her newest ex, Montgomery.

Lowry was adamant about not straying from her marriage with she was with Marroquin, making a similar statement in January 2022.

“You guys act like you know my life better than [I do,]” she said, per In Touch Weekly. “Here’s the thing. If I cheated, so did he. If you go watch ‘Marriage Bootcamp,’ it shows a little bit of a different side of what was filmed on ‘Teen Mom.'” 

Lopez, however, hinted Lowry was unfaithful. He wrote on Instagram saying he felt betrayed after someone hid a relationship for two to three years and then went public with it “after the fact.”

Montgomery Accused Lowry of Cheating

According to the podcast host, Montgomery said she cheated on him with Scott because he was “butt hurt” over their relationship ending.

Lowry said cheating had nothing to do with their breakup.

“We didn’t have the same goals and in some instances, the trolls are right when they say ‘it’s Kail’s way or the highway,’” she said. “There were just things that went about that I didn’t love, and I’m sure it was that way the other way around. But we did not break up because of dishonesty or cheating or anything like that.”

The “Teen Mom” alum mused Montgomery thinks Lowry was unfaithful because she asked Scott — who is also her neighbor — to sign for a delivery when she was moving into her new Deleware home in January. Scott wasn’t available, so Lowry asked Montgomery to sign, but when Montgomery arrived to sign for the package, Scott turned up.

“But looking back, I can 1000 percent understand why Malik thought that… but I feel like I have been good at owning all my s*** that I had not previously wanted to own or talk about but I never cheated on Malik with [Elijah],” she maintained. “That never happened.”

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