Kailyn Lowry Addresses Arrest in Lawsuit Deposition

Chris Lopez Kailyn Lowry

MTV/Kailyn Lowry "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry needed to take a break during her deposition while recalling an incident

“Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry opened up about a scary encounter with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez during her February 17 deposition — posted to the Osceola County Courthouse website on March 26 — in her lawsuit against Briana DeJesus, filed by Lowry in June 2021.

She is suing DeJesus for defamation of character after DeJesus said in an interview that Lowry — who has two children with Lopez — punched him and broke into his mother’s house in September 2020. Lowry has vehemently denied the allegations and the charges against her were dropped, The Sun wrote in February 2021. In the deposition, Lowry added the charges were dropped “for lack of evidence and lack of proof.”

While talking about the incident — where Lopez cut their elder son’s hair without her consent — Lowry recalled Lopez’s expletive response. “Chris definitely said that I’m lucky that he didn’t f****** scalp my son,” she said during the deposition.

Lowry said had a protection from abuse order (PFA) against Lopez in September 2020 — when Lopez cut their son Lux’s hair — because “Chris almost killed me in October of 2019.”

It was at that point during the deposition that Lowry apparently become emotional and they took a break. When the day was over, DeJesus’ lawyer Marc Randazza apologized for touching on the sensitive topic. “I am sorry about stepping on that emotional issue for you,” he said, according to the transcript.

“Can we please make sure that your client doesn’t take it to Instagram,” Lowry responded, referring to DeJesus.

“I will prevail upon her not to do so,” Randazza answered, the transcript notes.

Lowry Said She Was Never Handcuffed

The “Teen Mom 2” star questioned if she was truly arrested because she was never handcuffed.

“Have you ever been arrested for a crime?” Randazza asked, according to the court document. “I’m not sure. I have never been handcuffed,” Lowry answered.

When the alleged incident came up for the second time, Lowry emphasized she was not handcuffed. “Arrest? I didn’t get handcuffed or anything, so does that count as an arrest,” she said, according to the transcript.

“I don’t want to give you legal advice, but I don’t believe handcuffs are a necessary element in an arrest,” Randazza answered.

Lowry was vague when she was asked to describe what happened between herself and Lopez. “I got a call after an incident, three weeks following the incident saying that there was a warrant and I went down to the police station and turned myself in and then all of a sudden the charges were dropped,” she said, according to the deposition transcript.

Lowry said in the deposition that she “did not” touch Lopez and testified that her ex lied to police, the court document indicates.

I believe Chris would do that because we had a very tumultuous relationship,” she said during the deposition. “A lot of what comes out of Chris’ mouth is untrue. … He also said that I never gave him money, which I have.”

Lowry added that she was booked, detained and fingerprinted.

“They booked me, I guess I guess it’s called, and I put my fingerprints in and they put me in a holding cell for about an hour, and then I went home,” she said, per the transcript.

Lowry Accused Lopez of Being a Narcissist

Lowry went on the record to say that her ex — with whom she shares 4-year-old Lux and 20-month-old Creed — is a narcissist.

“He parents for himself, not for his children,” she said in the deposition, according to the transcript. “He sees his children as objects and pawns and a way to control me.”

“He is very manipulative. He is abusive,” she continued, per the transcript. “He is self-centered and he will do whatever it takes to have his own way.”

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