Kailyn Lowry Sparks Controversy Online After Sponsoring Families For Christmas

Kailyn Lowry is getting in the Christmas spirit

Kail and the Chaos / YouTube Kailyn Lowry is getting in the Christmas spirit

“Teen Mom 2” alumna Kailyn Lowry is spreading a little Christmas cheer of her own this holiday season. The reality star took to Instagram stories yesterday with an opportunity for fans in need of a little help this year.

Lowry, alongside her son, Lux, told fans “We’re looking to fulfill two Amazon Christmas lists for your kids,” when Kux interrupts to say, “Period girl, say it again!” Lowry continued the story with a full explanation, saying, “So I have fulfilled one family’s Christmas list from ‘Barely Famous’ podcast this year, and I am looking to sponsor two more families who are in need and just need a little help getting their kids Christmas gifts this year.” “Barely Famous” is one of many Lowry-hosted podcasts.

While Lowry has already received wishlist requests and chosen the two families that she is going to sponsor this holiday season, one fan posted a recording of her offer on a Reddit message board, and fan reaction was very mixed.

See the Instagram story and hear why fans are upset with Lowry below.

Fans Think Kailyn Lowry is Only Sponsoring Families for ‘The Clout’

One fan shared Lowry’s story to Reddit, captioning the post, “Honestly say what you will this is sweet of her,” and fans took the opportunity to weigh in in the comments section, with many not agreeing that Lowry’s motivations were pure.

“People do this all the time(some folks even ‘help out’ randomly throughout the year). Most people don’t broadcast it to whoever they can and don’t need to be recognized for it,” one fan wrote.

“There’s absolutely no reason to post this all over social media. Plenty of people sponsor families during the holidays without needing the clout that comes from it. It’s not really ‘sweet’ when she only did it for the likes, and to help promote her stupid podcast,” another fan wrote.

Despite many comments claiming Lowry was only posting this story for the attention, she had a fair share of support as well, with several fans defending her in the comment section.

“Anyone who is against this is a grinch!!! There was a post [elsewhere on Reddit recently where] one mom posted that she got a frugal win because she was able to spend 5$ on each of her 4 kids to get them gifts from dollar tree. So only spent 20$ and as great as the gifts she put together are/were it still made me sad that the 20$ was likely hard to use on presents and she is likely missing out on something she needs for herself,” one fan said in Lowry’s defense, “Don’t make improving a child’s life memories about yourself or about Kail. I dont like her but that doesn’t mean I don’t like kids, poor people or Christmas.”

“It’s disingenuous to judge someone’s good deed like this, no one’s winning a medal for it, and we’re all essentially doing it to feel good about ourselves,” another fan added, addressing Lowry’s naysayers.

Fans Find More Reason to Believe Lowry Secretly Gave Birth to Baby Number 5

Amidst this Amazon wishlist controversy, some fans are still looking for any potential proof of a recent fan-theory that Lowry was not only hiding a pregnancy from the public, but has given birth to a fifth child in secret and is waiting to announce. While Lowry has previously denied pregnancy rumors, that hasn’t stopped fans from looking for “evidence” in each of her social media posts. This time, the “evidence” comes in the form of a supposed nursing bra.

“Well she’s just chilling in a nursing bra. I know because I’m currently in the same one breastfeeding,” one fan wrote.

“I had my baby a few days ago and am significantly less swollen everywhere and I am also chilling in my nursing bra and messy hair 👀,” another fan commented.

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