Kailyn Lowry Blasted by ‘Trolls’ Over COVID-19 Activities

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry has been criticized for her activities various times throughout the pandemic.

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has been criticized for her “activities” at various times throughout the pandemic. She issued a “PSA” or public service announcement via Instagram to alert the trolls that she, her children and the people around her are tested three times per week. The Deleware resident said each person who comes near them is tested at least three times before they interact.

“I am doing this story because I keep seeing trolls on Instagram pretty much drag me across the floor for doing anything during COVID and this whole pandemic,” she began on February 15. “I just want to reiterate the fact that I get tested — and so do my kids — three times a week.”

MTV requires for their stars to be tested regularly, and testing also includes anyone who films with one of the main cast members.

“They’re also being tested three times before they come film with me in person. So that is why any meetings that you guys see with my builder or anything that I do for the podcast, every single person that I film with has been tested at least three times prior to filming,” Kailyn, 28, explained. “I just wanted this to be a little PSA for the trolls and the people that love to literally pick apart everything that I do.”

Teen Mom 2 isn’t airing currently, but Kailyn is expecting people to question her actions when the new season returns to MTV. “Save this for when Teen Mom airs just because I’m really over being dragged for doing things during COVID and the pandemic and stuff because we are trying really hard to be safe,” she said. “Literally, every single person that I film with has been tested. So just keep that in mind.”

Most Redditors Did Not Like Her ‘PSA’

Even though Kailyn was trying to defend herself, a majority of Reddit users didn’t agree the Teen Mom 2 personality. They argued that just because she has easy access to testing doesn’t mean it’s safe to be out and about.

One person argued that testing wasn’t foolproof. “My sister had awful symptoms and never test positive but her husband who was asymptomatic tested positive,” one Redditor wrote. “Saying you get tested really doesn’t mean s***.”

Another asserted that being tested doesn’t stop anyone from transmitting the virus. “Testing is simply testing .. doesn’t stop you from getting it .. what an idiot she is,” they said.

While Kailyn said she and her children are being as safe as possible, some people found that hard to believe. “Trying to be as safe as she can does not involve taking vacation after vacation,” they penned. “Also, what does she not understand about the fact that a covid test is a snapshot in time? She could literally get covid right after or have a false negative. I feel like a lot of people use getting tested as an excuse to do whatever they want.”

Kailyn Was Previously Slammed for Talking Her Children to a Waterpark

Teen Mom viewers were not pleased with the mother-of-four when she took her children on an outing to Dreamworks Water Park in New Jersey last month.

“First Water Park trip with all four and Mello’s first time in the water,” she captioned an Instagram post about the vacation. As noted by Us Weekly, Kailyn said they wore “masks everywhere except in the water.”

Still, Kailyn faced a backlash from some social media users who remarked it wasn’t safe to go to a waterpark during the pandemic.

“The trolls… it’s irritating because it’s always me. It’s okay when other people go and do stuff but it’s never okay for me to do it. The fact that we all get tested three times a week,” she said on her podcast Baby Mamas No Drama, according to The Sun. “I’m really sick of being attacked for doing the same things that everyone else is doing. It’s not normal.”

Fans were also critical when she flew with her children to Texas for Thanksgiving after the CDC discouraged holiday travel.

She’s also said that she doesn’t want her children to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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