Kailyn Lowry Gives Followers Tour of New Home

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Kailyn Lowry has moved into her new home.

Kailyn Lowry is showing off her new Delaware home.

On Instagram on March 4, 2022, the “Teen Mom 2” star and podcast host showed fans her new living room, staircase, and playroom, which featured a large sectional couch and fireplace. At different points in the video, she pointed to furniture she had yet to unbox.

Kailyn Lowry's new couch

Instagram/KailLowryKailyn Lowry’s new couch

“I absolutely love it,” Lowry told her social media followers while showcasing a modern black and white rug.

Kailyn Lowry's Rug

Instagram/KaillowryKailyn Lowry’s Rug

She admitted, “I didn’t completely set up the living room yet, obviously it’s a little bit of a mess still.”

According to The Sun, Lowry paid $800,000 for the Delaware home, which has yet to be fully completed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lowry Moved Into Her Home in January 2022

Lowry finally moved into her property in late January 2022, as announced on her Instagram story (per The Sun.)

The road to moving in was not an easy one, though. In December 2021, Lowry went so far as to state she “hated” building the house. On the December 14, 2021, episode of her podcast, “Baby Mamas No Drama,” she told co-host Vee Rivera, “I thought I was really gonna love like the house stuff, so I was kind of living like vicariously through you guys like doing real estate and like flipping and stuff. I hate it.”

She continued, “I love HGTV and I love watching people do it online and stuff so I thought because of that interest that I was gonna like doing it myself but I hate it.”

In November 2021, Lowry reiterated that point, stating that she was “not excited to move in.”

Speaking on her Coffees Convos podcast, Lowry bluntly admitted, “I’m not excited anymore. I’m very not excited. My house is supposed to be done in three weeks and I promise you it won’t be done until probably January or February at this point.”

Kailyn Lowry’s Drama With Javi Marroquin

Lately, Lowry has been fielding drama with her ex, Javi Marroquin.

A screenshot of an alleged text from Marroquin to Lowry was captured and posted by a Reddit user.

The text read, “Don’t ever ask my sister to be on your podcast respect that at least for once in your life. We will be strictly Lincoln. You live your life without my family. Period. You’re so disprespectful.”

Lowry simply replied, “You’re weird,” with a laughing emoji.

Lowry shares 11-year-old Isaac with Jo Rivera and eight-year-old Lincoln with Marroquin.

People on Reddit were quick to weigh in on the drama, with one person writing, “Kail isn’t content unless she’s fighting with one of her baby daddies. What a sad way to live.”

Others wrote, “Kail: This does not leave this group! Hey everyone look at the drama I’m having with one of my babies daddies!!!”

A third wrote, “Though I do agree Kail should leave his family out of s**t. It is disrespectful.”

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