‘Teen Mom’ Fans Think Kailyn Lowry and Her Boyfriend Elijah Scott Split

Kailyn Lowry

YouTube Fans think Kailyn Lowry and her boyfriend may have split

Fans think former “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry, 30, may be back on the market because of a remark she made on the Tuesday, March 7 episode of her podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Kailyn Says She Has a Hard Time Accepting Help in a Relationship

On Tuesday’s episode, Lowry and her co-host Vee Rivera, 31, were joined by influencer Chris GQ Perry to talk about relationships.

At one point, the hosts and Perry were discussing typical male and female roles in a relationship when Lowry admitted she struggles letting a man “provide” for her.

“I have a hard time in my relationships, I think, accepting a man who will provide and protect and do all of those things,” she said “I have a very hard time accepting it.”

The MTV star went on to say she even feels uncomfortable letting a man pay for dinner.

“I pay 100% of the bills at home, and I pay for all my kids, and it would be very weird for me to be with someone who does those things,” she told Rivera and Perry.

The remark caught fans by surprise because Lowry has been living with her boyfriend Elijah Scott since April 2022, Us Weekly reported in June 2022.

After Lowry spoke about her financial situation, Rivera jumped in with her thoughts on the situation.

“I feel like you need an alpha man to just come in and be like, ‘Baby, I’m paying this,’ and that’s it. You need someone that will take initiative, and I don’t think you’ve been with someone like that yet,” she said.

“Right,” Lowry replied.

At the end of the episode, Perry left Lowry with an encouraging message, telling the “Teen Mom” star, “I’m sure you’re going to find somebody amazing for you.”

Instead of mentioning her partner, Lowry replied, “thank you.”

Fans Speculate About Kailyn’s Relationship Status

On March 8, a “Teen Mom” fan account shared a screenshot of an article from the U.S Sun which focused on the confusion surrounding Lowry’s recent podcast statements on Instagram.

“Fans seem to think it’s splitsville for Kail and Elijah after Kail claims to have no help with her household bills,” they wrote in the post’s caption.

“Teen Mom” fans commented on the post with their thoughts on Lowry’s relationship status.

“I hope it’s a rumor, but she does speak sometimes like she is single,” one Instagram user wrote.

“She also said on another episode something along the lines of ‘It would be great if you just went back to your house and we could just live separately’ or something like that. I immediately thought oh man they probably split 😕,” another user speculated.

“She has been talking like she’s single lately 👀👀👀,” a third user added. 

“She mentioned Elijah rents his house out and moved in with her. I don’t think they split,” a fourth user pointed out. “She mentioned Elijah is a very private person.”

Stay tuned for more “Teen Mom” updates.

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