Kailyn Lowry’s Private Email to Chris Lopez Exposed

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry's email to ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez was leaked online.

Part of “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry’s email to Chris Lopez was leaked online by her ex-boyfriend after she talked about a co-parenting incident on the December 2, 2021, episode of her podcast, “Coffee Convos.”

After confirming she was still filming for MTV, Lowry revealed their sons — 4-year-old Lux and 1-year-old Creed — were ill and Lopez hadn’t informed her about their health. In fact, Lowry only found out her sons were unwell through Lopez’s mother.

Lowry drove one hour to get her sons and brought Lux to urgent care, and Lopez met Lowry there with their youngest son. It turned out that Creed also seemed to have the same illness as his brother, though Lowry didn’t reveal their diagnosis to protect their medical privacy.

While on Instagram, Lopez leaked a personal email Lowry sent to him about the incident. As expressed on “Coffee Convos,” Lowry was upset Lopez didn’t tell her their sons weren’t feeling well.

Lopez leaked the beginning of one of her emails during an Instagram Q&A. “Why don’t you tell them to stop talking about you?” a fan asked, according to a screenshot shared by fan account Teen Mom Chatter.

Lopez said, “Why didn’t I think of that?” and then posted the first part of Lowry’s message:

I will use my platform to discuss all things pertaining to my life. You knew what you were doing when you had relations/relationship with me for several years — knowing I was in the public eye.

You then created a platform for yourself through me, which includes but is not limited to your social media, your podcast and alleged contract for Teen Mom 2. Therefore, I will talk about all things I see fit.

Lowry Posted the Whole Email

Since Lopez only shared a snippet of Lowry’s email, the “Teen Mom 2” star said she wanted to share the whole thing so fans had the context of her message.

“Since some people want to share parts of my email, I’m just going to put the whole f****** thing out there. Call a spade a spade,” she said.

What Lopez neglected to include was that Lowry addressed the situation that happened with their sons over Thanksgiving weekend after Lopez first discussed it himself on his own podcast, “P.T.S.D. Pressure Talks With Single Dads.”

“I have not addressed you or anything about you in some time now because there has not been a reason to. Your most recent podcast episode — aired 11/30, “Three Times” addressed your version of Sunday’s events,” the mother-of-four wrote. “I then used my own podcast to address the same incident. I did not do anything you didn’t already address.”

“You do not check in on a regular basis — let alone when something is wrong,” she continued. “For example, the entire week since we left the hospital on Sunday, November 27.”

At the end of her message, Lowry told Lopez to “do better.”

“For future reference, feel free to email me directly if you actually feel bad for not communicating and putting our kids in harms [sic] way,” she wrote. “I do not believe your apology is sincere when it’s via podcast.”

Lowry Said Something Was ‘Very Wrong’ With Lux

Although Lowry hasn’t talked to Lopez’s mother in more than a year, she was tipped off that something was wrong with her sons when she received a call from her sons’ paternal grandmother.

“Yesterday [I] got this random call from Chris’ mom — which I haven’t talked to her since last year — so I was like this is not normal,” she told co-host Lindsie Chrisley.

Lowry tried to contact her ex but he didn’t respond. “So I email Chris twice — call him four times — and I’m like, I am now making the executive decision to come get him because you’re not responding and I’m not waiting for a response,” she said.

When Lowry arrived at Lopez’s mother’s house, and Lopez showed up with Creed, she saw the 1-year-old was also sick.

“Creed also has the same thing that Lux has!” Lowry said on the podcast. “Why when you noticed what was happening did you not, A: call me to — I don’t know — for us to decide together that something was going on. Something was clearly wrong, or B: decide, make an executive decision to take them to urgent care and have me meet you there.”

Lopez admitted on his podcast that he was “wrong in that situation for not reaching out” to Lowry when he noticed something was wrong with their sons.

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adobe blue
adobe blue
1 month ago

I don’t think I would trust this guy with my kids for a week. These are babies, illness, etc can escalate FAST. Whether they are sick or not, I would be checking nightly and not leave them over there for more than one night. If she needs a break, hire a trained nanny who takes calls and returns them.

I am very familiar with Kailyn’s journey, I have watched her since she was a teen mom. Although I know she was concerned about her kids and their health, I have to believe a small percentage of her “being” was happy to have some drama to talk about on the podcast. Gotta love that drama, it helps pay for the new house.

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