Kailyn Lowry & Ex Accused of Hiding Secret Relationship

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom" fans are suspicious of Kailyn Lowry's close relationship with the father of one of her children.

“Teen Mom” fans are suspicious of Kailyn Lowry’s close relationship with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, the father of one of her 7-year-old son, Lincoln.

Even though they have a tumultuous past, Lowry and Marroquin recently announced they were going into business together and they have been going on Instagram live together. When asked by her followers if Lowry would go on vacation with Marroquin she said yes.

Their cordial relationship has led some fans to speculate they were either getting back together soon, already together or having a fling. Lowry famously accused Marroquin of trying to “f**” her in a Wawa parking lot while he was dating Lauren Comeau, the mother of Marroquin’s youngest son, 3-year-old Eli.

“They are sooooo going to get back together soon,” an original poster wrote on Reddit.

“Assuming they never stopped sleeping with each other :P” one of the top responses said.

“Please, I’m willing to bet real cash money that those two have been hate fucking for years now before the ink was even dry on their divorce papers,” another added.

“Yup, that’s why they are so passionate when they argue,” one Reddit user agreed. “No way they would be that outrageous if they weren’t still banging.”

Lowry is the mother of four sons. In addition to Lincoln, she shares 11-year-old Isaac with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera and 3-year-old Lux and 11-month-old Creed with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Marroquin Is Fighting With Comeau

Although Marroquin and Comeau are on good terms, the father-of-two had a falling out with Comeau this month. The Deleware native called 911 claiming that Comeau abused him, though she told The Sun that Marroquin’s phone call was phony.

“He made a false accusation and called the police hours after he left my home,” she told the publication. “He came to my home to pick up our son, entered my home after I asked him to not enter my home repeatedly.”

Comeau added: “The police issued an investigation, they talked to witnesses and no charges were filed.”

Lowry Came to Marroquin’s Defense

In a rant on Instagram live while she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic, Lowry referred to Marroquin as her “ex-husband” and said that he wouldn’t lie about the situation with Comeau.

“You don’t get to attack my ex-husband in front of your son, and I know that was true,” Lowry explained, per In. Touch Weekly. “My ex-husband would never, ever, ever, ever lie about you, so that’s No. 1.”

“No. 2, we’re not going to act like you didn’t call me a fat f*** and a fat piece of s*** last night or the other night, whenever I called you, to call you out on your s***,” she continued.

“This is not something that I’m going to allow my ex-husband to go down for,” Lowry added. “Just not going to happen because my son is also affected by this,” she continued. “Be real. Own your s–t like the rest of us.”

Comeau has not issued a public statement since Lowry blasted her on Instagram live. She’s never appeared on “Teen Mom 2” and rarely makes direct statements to her fans about her happenings with Marroquin.

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