Kailyn Lowry Leaks Instagram Messages From Her Ex

Kailyn Lowry

MTV Fans of "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry revealed they were concerned about her children after the mother-of-four talked about her living situation on her podcast, "Baby Mamas No Drama."

On January 1, 2022, Kailyn Lowry shared a screenshot of her text exchange with ex-boyfriend Javi Marroquin.

After posting an Instagram story with her son, Lux, Marroquin direct messaged Lowry, per The Sun. He wrote, “You kinda look like Helga.”

When Lowry replied with a laughing face emoji and asked if he meant the animated character from the TV series, “Hey, Arnold!” he replied, “Yeah cause you hella tacky.”

Lowry wrote on the snapshot of the exchange: “Someone come get their ex-husband ASAP.”

Lowry and Marroquin were married from 2012 to 2017. She shares her eldest son, Isaac, with ex Jo Rivera, her middle child, Lincoln, with Marroquin, and two children, Lux and Creed, with ex Chris Lopez.

But weren’t Lowry and Marroquin on bad terms? Are the direct messages real or a joke? Here’s what we know:

Lowry & Marroquin Kayak Together

As highlighted by The Sun, Marroquin and Lowry have gone through a number of rough patches since their separation. However, as of recent, they appear to be doing well. In fact, fans pieced together that the two were kayaking together just days before the direct messages were sent.

The video, which was quickly deleted by Lowry, according to the outlet, later surfaced on a Teen Mom fan page.

In the video, Lowry is kayaking, but Marroquin’s voice can be heard in the background.

Marroquin excitedly sees a “sunken ship” at one point, and exclaims, “Oh, cool!”

Fans weighed in on the revelation on Instagram. One person wrote, “I don’t ever see them getting back together. Them hanging doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.” Another added, “I’m just glad they get along, they divorce was messy as hell. especially when they went on marriage bootcamp.”

Kailyn Lowry’s Battle With Depression

In late December 2021, the “Teen Mom 2” star got candid about her current battle with depression. On an episode of the “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast, Lowry shared that her doctors had officially diagnosed her with depression, which she admitted she was surprised by.

She told her co-host, vee Rivera, “I’m having a little bit of a hard time processing that. Mainly because I thought it was like a weight thing for me. Like I thought all of the things I’ve been feeling for the past three years was just like lose weight and it will solve all your problems.”

During the episode, Lowry said that she thought it was important to share the news of her diagnosis because of the stigma surrounding mental health and depression. “I don’t want to be the spokesperson for this,” Lowry said. “I don’t want to fight these stigmas. I don’t want to fight these stereotypes that come with depression. I don’t want another label.”

On Instagram, fan voiced their support. One person wrote, “Your podcast is so helpful thank you for being open.”

Another added, “Thank you for being so vulnerable with us Kail. I related to this episode so much and I’m glad to see I’m not alone in this battle with depression. Always wishing you happiness and peace.” A third wrote, “I resonated so much and am sending you so much love. I’ve created so much change in how I feel in my life, and it’s possible for you too! Sending you so much love Kail.”

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