Kailyn Lowry’s Son Taken to Emergency Room After Accident

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry said her son had to taken to the emergency room after an accident left him "gushing blood."

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry said her son had to taken to the emergency room after an accident left him “gushing blood.” Seven-year-old Lincoln Marroquin, one of Kailyn’s middle sons, has to be hospitalized after he accidentally hit his face on the back of the couch while they were playing cops and robbers, the star revealed on her podcast with co-host Vee Rivera, “Baby Mamas No Drama.”

Lincoln is prone to nose bleeds, but this one didn’t stop. “Instantly, he was like mom, there’s blood just gushing…” the 28-year-old said, as first cited by The Sun.

She said every time she tried to take paper towels off his nose, more blood kept coming. She said it looked like a “crime scene,” with blood covering his mouth and sweater. “I’ve never seen a nose bleed that bad,” she said. “I was stressed.”

“This one was going on for over 20 minutes,” the mother-of-four continued. “Maybe it’s broken. I’m panicking now. We went through an entire roll of paper towels — I’m talking an entire roll. And every time I take it off it’s just dripping into his mouth. It’s everywhere.”

There was so much blood that doctors first thought Lincoln might have been bit by a dog.

Kailyn Doesn’t Know if Lincoln Actually Broke His Nose

Kailyn wasn’t sure if she should take her son to the emergency room, but Lincoln was afraid of how much blood he was losing. “He’s like I don’t want to bleed out. I don’t want to lose all my blood,” Kailyn told Vee.

The MTV personality admitted to “panicking” when the blood wouldn’t stop. She ultimately took him to the hospital but didn’t do an X-ray. Doctors told her broken noses can sometimes be hard to determine since there is a lot of cartilage in the nose. She also didn’t want to pay for it. Lincoln was left with a little bruising on his nose and in the end, he said it didn’t hurt him anymore.

In the “small chance” it was broken, the doctor told Kailyn they don’t do anything for them.

Vee actually found out about the story from Isaac, Kailyn’s oldest son who she shares with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera.

It seems like Teen Mom 2 fans might see the incident play out on MTV. The original plan was for the cameras to film Kailyn dropping off her sons to meet with their dads.

The Star Talked About Being Dragged During the Pandemic

Since Kailyn and her children have been filming with MTV, they must be tested for the coronavirus pandemic three times per week. It’s led Kailyn to feel safe about traveling and doing activities with her kids, something that she’s been criticized for.

During her latest podcast, the star again attempted to defend herself, saying she was tired of getting “dragged” by people.

She previously issued a COVID-19 “PSA” via Instagram on February 15, where she reminded people that everyone around her was tested multiple times too.

“Anything that I do for the podcast, every single person that I film with has been tested at least three times prior to filming,” the Conquering Chaos author explained. “I just wanted this to be a little PSA for the trolls and the people that love to literally pick apart everything that I do.”

“Save this for when Teen Mom airs just because I’m really over being dragged for doing things during COVID and the pandemic and stuff because we are trying really hard to be safe,” Kailyn continued. “Literally, every single person that I film with has been tested. So just keep that in mind.”

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