Kailyn Lowry Responds to Fan Questions About ‘Gross’ Look

Kailyn Lowry

MTV/Kailyn Lowry The "Teen Mom 2" alum was asked why she continues to get lip filler.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Kailyn Lowry hasn’t been interacting with fans as much on social media, but the MTV star decided to open up her DMs on August 6 so people could start asking her questions again.

She posted a box on Instagram named “She’s back, And don’t f*** with her. Amen” making it possible for fans to type something to her.

One of the things people wanted to get across to Lowry had to do with her appearance. The Deleware resident was ridiculed for her looks, and one person said she should stop getting fillers.

“Lay off the fillers, you look gross,” one person wrote to her.

When she answered this comment, Lowry shared an up-close picture of her face so people could get a closer look at her lips. “Haven’t had them in like 7ish months but ok,” the “Teen Mom” favorite wrote back.

The biggest rumor following Lowry currently is that she’s pregnant with her fifth child. Lowry hasn’t directly dispelled the rumors, but Chris Lopez — the ex-boyfriend she shares two children with — feigned ignorance about the gossip after being the one to spread it.

He spoke out after a Teen Mom fan account “confirmed” the pregnancy and cited one of Lopez’s family members.

“We found out just like y’all,” he said, according to screenshots posted by fan accounts. “I was talking [shit] with no actual proof but at this point show the ‘family member’ because none of the family I know one the information given.”

Lowry has four children: 12-year-old Isaac Rivera from her relationship with her high school boyfriend, Jo Rivera; 8-year-old Lincoln from her five-year marriage to ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and two children with Lopez, 2-year-old Creed and 5-year-old Lux.

Lowry has moved on from Lopez, and is currently dating 24-year-old Elijah Scott.

Lowry Talked About Therapy, Too

The conversation wasn’t just about Lowry’s lips.

The mother-of-four has talked about her battle with mental health, saying the reason she has been distant online is because of her depression. Lowry has been trying to find the right medication for her mental illness, and recently switched to Lexapro.

She’s a big proponent of therapy and has been going routinely since she had a domestic incident with Lopez in 2019. Lowry alleged Lopez tried to kill her, though Lopez denies the claims.

“How are you able to be vulnerable to your therapist?” one fan wanted to know.

“I knew I was making the same mistakes over & over and I knew blaming other people wasn’t the answer so I wanted to make changes. Real changes,” she said.

Lowry Celebrated Lux’s Birthday With a Special Message

Lux turned 5 on August 5 and Lowry penned a special message for her son.

“Happy FiFTH BIRTHDAY to the legend himself, @luxrlowry! 🎉🤩😎 You are truly one of a kind,” she wrote. “You have the personality of a lifetime, witty, kind & you are the best brother. Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you.”

Lowry was asked to appear in MTV’s new show, called “Teen Mom: Next Chapter,” but she turned them down.

The series is a combination of cast members from “Teen Mom 2” and “Teen Mom OG.”

“The Next Chapter” doesn’t have a release date yet.

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