Teen Mom Star Says They’re Not Getting Paid

Kailyn Lowry

MTV A "Teen Mom" star was not pleased when she found out she wasn't going to get paid.

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry was not pleased when she found out she wasn’t going to get paid for the first two seasons of the MTV reality show being added to Netflix. While Kailyn doesn’t have a problem with viewers seeing episodes from 10 years ago, she doesn’t like that she is not going to be compensated for it. The mother-of-four made the confession during her “Coffee Convos” podcast, as noted by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“It is very irritating,” the Deleware resident told co-host Lindsie Chrisley. “It’s a two-parter. I’m excited that we’re on Netflix because it will remind people how far we’ve come…all the messages that I’ve been getting now are like, ‘Now that we’re…older I realize what you went through before and now I have a different perspective of you.’ So in that way, I’m relieved, I feel good that we’re on Netflix; it’s cool.

“On the other hand, I did not know that they were going to put us on Netflix,” she added. “Nobody [in the cast] was warned that they were going to put us on Netflix… I don’t mind that I’m on Netflix, or that I’m the face of Netflix. What I do mind is that we don’t get paid for it.”

Kailyn Wished She Would Have Known Better When She Was 16

The MTV personality was only 16 years old when she signed her contract with Teen Mom 2. Under that contract, she does not get paid when re-runs air, and Viacom owns all the rights to the footage, The Ashley reported. That means if they want to sell earlier episodes to Netflix, they have the right to do so and they don’t have to pay their stars any additional money.

Knowing what she knows now, Kailyn wishes she would have negotiated her contract differently. “I feel like as 16-year-olds signing these contracts, that’s not something that we would have thought of,” she said. “We probably signed our names and likenesses away so they can use it anywhere they want.”

Kailyn reasoned they had no way of knowing how big Teen Mom 2 would be, or that they would even be in this type of position 10 years later. “Hindsight is 20/20 and had we known that this was going to be a possibility, I feel like all of us would have negotiated that into our contracts,” she said. “Like, ‘If you take this outside of MTV, we will get royalties on it’ or something.”

Kailyn Recently Changed Her Son’s Name

While some viewers are getting to meet the 28-year-old star for the first time on Netflix, in real-time Kailyn revealed that she just changed the name of her youngest son.

When he was first born, Kailyn said the 5-month-old baby’s name was Romello Creed Lopez. She later announced she hyphenated the boy’s name and made his middle name his first name. Before her reveal, fans had been confused about the child’s moniker since she was calling him “Creed” even though she said his first name was “Romello.”

She is also the mother to 3-year-old Lux Russell, who she shares with ex Chris Lopez; 7-year-old son Lincoln Marshall, who she shares with ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and 10-year-old Isaac Elliot, who she shares with ex Jo Rivera.

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