‘Teen Mom’ Star Planning Nose Job After Being Trolled Online

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Kailyn Lowry is sharing her plans to get a nose job.

Speaking on her Baby Mamas No Drama Podcast on January 18, 2022, Lowry told co-host Vee Rivera, “I went to a consultation for a nose job.”

When Rivera asked why, Lowry replied, “Because it’s called over-rotation, what I have. [My doctor] used the exact words ‘Miss Piggy-like’, and I was like ‘Wow, that’s my nickname.'”

Lowry said her doctor explained there was a way to “fix it.”

During the on-air conversation, Lowry also admitted she wanted another “boob job.”

“I really wanna do a reduction and a lift and the whole nine. I don’t know why some people think I got my boobs done with Dr. Miami… That was not part of my mommy makeover. I had a mommy makeover but before that, I had whatever I had a-symmetry really bad. One boob was literally three cups smaller than my other. So bad.”

Lowry said her doctor advised her to wait until she reaches a weight she is “happy” with before undergoing the surgery.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lowry Faces Body Shamers

Over the years, Lowry has faced her fair share of body shaming.

In December 2021, the “Teen Mom 2” star received a treadmill from fellow co-star, Briana DeJesus.

Court documents obtained by The Sun later revealed that Lowry took the gift as an insult. In an email to her attorney, DeJesus’ attorney wrote, “If Ms. Lowry doesn’t want it, I could stand to lose a few pounds myself.”

Prior to that, in June 2021, per The Sun, Lowry sued DeJesus for defamation after alleging that Lowry “physically beat” her ex, Chris Lopez, and “broke into and entered the home of Mr. Lopez’s mother.” Lowry denied the claims.

According to In Touch Weekly, the feud dates back to when DeJesus joined “Teen Mom,” but turned especially sour when DeJesus started dating Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

Kailyn Lowry’s Cosmetic Surgeries

Lowry has been open about the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone in the past and her feelings about her own figure.

In her book, “Hustle and Heart,” she revealed: “For years I struggled with eating disorders, and I was extremely self-conscious about my weight. I’d committed so thoroughly to working out and maintaining a healthy diet, but it was clear there was only so much I could do to change the shape of my body.”

In June 2021, she said that she allotted four hours multiple times a year to injections.

“I get botox. My botox appointment and my lip appointment is probably with the drive included is probably a four-hour situation,” she said, per The Sun. “Cause I drive an hour, maybe an hour and a half. By the time I get there, checked in, get all my stuff done and come home- that’s probably four, four and a half hours.”

In 2016, plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, also known as Dr. Miami, live-streamed Lowry’s surgery on Snapchat. At the time, she had a Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction.

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