Kailyn Lowry Finally Puts Pregnancy Rumors to Rest

Kailyn Lowry

Kail Lowry Former "Teen Mom" star Kailyn Lowry addressed pregnancy rumors, again.

Former “Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry has been the target of pregnancy rumors since she started dating her boyfriend, Elijah Scott, but the mother-of-four boys put the rumors to rest during the December 2 episode of her podcast, “Barely Famous.” She did a “Q&A” with her assistant, Kristin Hook, who pretend her with questions from listeners.

Toward the middle of the podcast, Hook asked Lowry a question about pregnancy: “If I would offer you to get pregnant right now and be 100 percent sure that it would be a girl, would you do it?”

The boy mom wouldn’t go through with it — not right now right, at least.

“No. I would not,” Lowry said with a laugh. “No.”

Lowry reasoned that she was not in the right health to carry a child. “My body is so beyond the place of being able to happily and flexibly be able to carry a baby… I just can’t,” she said. “I’m so out of shape. I’m so unfit.”

That doesn’t mean a future pregnancy is out of the question for Lowry.

“So, now, if you ask me next year and I’m super fit and, you know, I have a good diet down and got my PCOS under control… maybe,” she said. “But like right now as is — like where my body and health is — absolutely not.”

Lowry Claimed She Was Getting Her Tubes Tied

Possibly having another child is different from what Lowry said during a September episode of “Baby Mamas Do Drama.”

She told her co-host, Vee Rivera, that she was going to get her tubes tied.

Lowry joked that she wanted the doctors to give her her organs back — but in a jar.

“I want them to give me my tubes, and I want to put them in a jar. And like, put them on a shelf… because I have too many f****** kids.”

“I need the reminder that I’m not having any more children,” she continued. “I need to make sure that they are out of my body so can I never get pregnant again.”

Lowry Is ‘Happier’ Since Leaving ‘Teen Mom’

Lowry quit “Teen Mom” in 2021 after more than 12 years with the show, but she doesn’t have any regrets about saying goodbye.

“I just think I got so burnt out um because things didn’t always happen on TV as they did in real life and so that was really stressful for me,” she said during the December 2 episode of “Barely Famous. “And then I knew that. So moving forward I would try to essentially prevent that from happening and then it would backfire.”

Lowry didn’t reveal how she would try to “prevent” things form happening on the show, but toward the end of her tenure, she did refuse to film and talk about certain topics on the show.

But she doesn’t have any bad blood.

“I’m so thankful for the opportunity,” Lowry told Hook. “I definitely think it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I wouldn’t change but I’m more stress-free now. I still have stress. I still have a lot of s*** going on. But it looks different now.”

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