WATCH: Kailyn Lowry Celebrates As Fans Brace for a Pregnancy ‘Soft Launch’

Kailyn Lowry

Getty Kailyn Lowry attends an MTV awards event.

“Teen Mom” fans have been speculating for weeks now that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fifth child. She has done little to counter these rumors, and recently, photos emerged that many fans believed were enough to essentially confirm she was expecting. Now, a recent social media post Lowry shared upped the ante, as it prompted quite a few “Teen Mom” viewers to think they were watching a pregnancy announcement.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lowry Posted in Celebration of National Sons Day

On September 28, the “Teen Mom” star shared a video on her Instagram page that sparked a lot of discussion among show fans. A montage of memories played one after another in the video as a version of the song “Take My Breath Away” could be heard in the background. Lowry tagged the Instagram pages of all four of her sons in the caption and added a hashtag for National Sons Day.

In text over the video, the “Teen Mom” star wrote, “Overwhelmed with happiness when I gave birth to Isaac & I heard ‘it’s a boy’ & then I had another & then 2 more” She continued, “I have loved this journey & truly believe I was meant for this life.” Lowry ended by adding, “Thankful for these boys & the life we have created.”

Fellow “Teen Mom” star Tyler Baltierra commented, “Proud of you Kail! You were definitely made for this life & those boys are so lucky [they] have you as their mother!”

Some Fans Thought the Post Was Related to the Pregnancy Speculation

On Reddit, “Teen Mom” fans shared their thoughts about Lowry’s post. Quite a few people thought the Instagram was going to be a pregnancy announcement, and more than a few shared their ideas regarding when or if Lowry might reveal her rumored pregnancy.

“We’ve gotten to the point where she’s producing her own clickbait,” joked one Redditor.

“Someone on [Instagram] commented that this was her soft launch for baby #5 and that feels so accurate,” suggested another poster.

“I sat through that whole damn thing for nothing!” added someone else who admitted they thought it was a pregnancy announcement.

Lowry’s video was analyzed by Redditors who noted she only mentioned Isaac’s name, and some felt she did not include Lincoln as much as the other boys. In addition, some “Teen Mom” fans thought she essentially lumped her youngest two together, and there were several comments about Lowry’s relationships with the biological fathers of the kids. Baby and pregnancy-related comments were a dominant theme throughout the thread on Reddit, though.

“You know she already has ordered monogrammed stuff and opened a new Instagram account for the new baby,” suggested a critic.

“She FEEDS off of the attention she gets while people speculate, then trolls with videos like these,” added someone else.

“Imo she’s laying it on super thick that she looooves being a boy mom because she found out this one is a boy as well,” quipped another “Teen Mom” star.

“Totally thought the end was gonna be a baby announcement. I’m sure she thought we all thought it too! Question is will she announce or is she really not pregnant?” asked a different Redditor, echoing the thoughts of many others.

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