Kailyn Lowry Says She ‘Could Be Pregnant’ With Baby No. 5

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry The "Teen Mom" star said she wasn't going to get her tubes tied.

“Teen Mom” alum Kailyn Lowry has been the subject of pregnancy rumors since she started dating her new boyfriend, Elijah Scott.

The mother-of-four confirmed she and Scott — who was previously known as “hot neighbor — moved in together since they’ve been spending so much time together. Lowry has repeatedly said she’s not pregnant, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about her potentially having another baby.

On the July 8 episode of “Barely Famous,” Lowry said that she isn’t trying to welcome another baby into her brood because she’s been suffering with her mental health.

The conversation began during a segment on her podcast where she answered fan questions and someone asked if she’s going to have more kids.

Lowry told her followers she’s asked “almost daily” about expanding her family.

“I don’t know, but I do want to get my tubes tied. So, um, I guess whatever happens first…I would like to get my tubes tied this year, actually,” she said at the 35-minute mark.

“I think the more time that goes on, the more I just don’t want more children because I feel like I’m spreading myself so thin, um, and all my kids are such different ages that they all need me for different parts of their lives right now,” Lowry added.

“I’ll update you in the next couple of weeks,” she said, noting that she didn’t know if you OBGYN would tie her tubes.

Lowry is the mother to four boys: 12-year-old Isaac, whom she shares with high school boyfriend Jo Rivera; 8-year-old Lincoln, whom she shares with ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and 4-year-old Lux and 23-month-old Creed, whom she welcomed with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Lowry Said It’s Possible She Could Be Pregnant Again

Lowry’s mental health is also affecting her decision. The “Teen Mom” star has been open about her battle with depression and is currently on Lexapro to help with her symptoms.

Wanting to have a girl would not be her motivation to get pregnant again.

“I would never try for a girl,” she said during the 50-minute mark of the podcast.

“Not because I don’t want one, but this depression has truly humbled me and has really taught me that I need to put myself first sometimes, and I can’t stay busy 100% of the time because I think once my life slowed down, and I left the show and things like that, my life slowed down so much so I was forced to kind of deal with the things that I hadn’t been dealing with, so I just don’t think that now is a good time in my life to have more children.”

“I really just want to be there for the kids that I have,” she said.

“Maybe once I get through this depression, it will be a little different, so don’t hold me to that if I end up pregnant next year… maybe next year that could change,” Lowry added at the 51-minute mark. “Nothing is absolutely, but right now, no, I’m not going to try for a girl but maybe next year that could change.”

Lowry’s Depression Was Mistaken For Bipolar

Lowry has never been shy about her work in therapy, revealing she was diagnosed with bipolar — and then rediagnosed with depression.

Lowry received her misdiagnosis of bipolar during a 2015 episode on “The Doctors.”

She stopped filling her prescriptions and going to therapy because her life got “hectic,” she said on “The Things That Shape Us” podcast in April 2021, per The Sun.

In December 2021, Lowry said she was diagnosed with depression. At first, she tried taking Zoloft before switching to Lexapro. 

The “Teen Mom” alum has been struggling to find the right medication.

“Y’all idk if lexapro is working for me either,” she wrote on June 28.

“I have never slept so much in my entire life,” she wrote days earlier. “Is it the depression or the antidepressants.”

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