Fans Speculate Kailyn Lowry Is Pregnant After Her Actions in Recent Pics

Kailyn Lowry

YouTube Kailyn Lowry is causing a stir.

The rumor mill is churning once again, and this time, fans are convinced that former “Teen Mom 2” star, Kailyn Lowry, is pregnant with her fifth child.

In a picture posted to Lowry’s Instagram, the podcast host held up a jersey in front of her stomach while standing next to her son, Lincoln.

In another pic, she smiled while posing with her son Isaac and baby daddy Jo Rivera.

Fans guessed that Lowry was covering her stomach due to a pregnancy. One person wrote on Reddit, per The Sun, “Kail has covered her stomach in her last two recent photos.”

Another added, “She pregnant AGAIN.”

In response to the comments, a Redditor in a separate thread wrote, “Do people really think she’s pregnant? She looks the same as she has for years in every pic I’ve seen. She’s already carried 4 kids to term plus the miscarriage and abortion, I would expect she would show early and have a distinctive bump if she were pregnant. She just looks like age has caught up with her, same as Jo.”

Though critical of Lowry, others are not as convinced she’s having another kid. One Reddit user wrote, “She would be bursting at her internal seams after 3 months to ‘sell the baby’ as a story for money, attention, and spite. Until then, she’s never pregnant.”

Here’s what you need to know:

This Isn’t the First Time Fans Have Guessed Lowry Is Pregnant

In early June, Lowry posted an Instagram Story plugging Care/of vitamins, which she said she was “absolutely obsessed” with.

She told fans that she needed to “update” her health goals and that her boyfriend, who she simply called ‘Boyfriend,’ had a separate set of vitamins than her.

“My health goals were different than Boyfriend’s, so he has different vitamins and he’s been doing this for a couple of months too,” she explained.

Lowry had also previously posted a picture of what appeared to be mac n’ cheese and garlic bread to her Instagram Story and captioned it, “IYKYK [if you know, you know].” She tagged her friend, Tasia Alexis, in the post.

Alexis reposted the photo of the meal and wrote, “period,” along with a series of crying emojis.

The photo of the meal, along with Lowry saying she is updating her health, has fans speculating that Lowry is pregnant.

‘Symbolism of Snake’

That’s not the only reason fans are convinced that Lowry is going to have another child.

During the week of June 1, she posted a screenshot of her computer, where she had searched, “Symbolism of snake.”

On Reddit, fans reposted the Story.

In the comments section, one fan wrote: “This is giving the same energy as Kim Kardashian saying she ran out of her birth control pills and taking it as a sign she shouldn’t be on them anymore.”

Another wrote, “Creed is almost 2 right? So it’s about time for the breeder to breed again. SMH.”

Lowry is currently dating a 23-year-old man named Eliah Scott, according to The Sun. Scott happens to be Lowry’s neighbor in Delaware.

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