Kailyn Lowry Leaks Private Texts Between Ex & Briana DeJesus

Kailyn Lowry

MTV/Kailyn Lowry "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry leaked texts that purportedly went down between her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, and her foe, Briana DeJesus.

“Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry leaked texts via Facebook on March 15 that purportedly went down between her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, and her foe, Briana DeJesus.

“I may be going to Delaware to film a podcast with Chris. Maybe we can do dinner or something then. Probably end of February early March,” DeJesus texted to Marroquin, who she dated in 2017 after he split from Lowry.

“Yo yo! Mannn respectfully, that just sounds like a mess for me to get involved,” Marroquin answered. “Whatever you and kail goin going is between y’all, but my loyalty is to my sons mom and I don’t think us doing dinner after you do a podcast with Chris would 1) be a good look and 2) just not how I wanna live.”

DeJesus told her ex she wanted to meet privately. “OK! I understand. I wasn’t gonna tell anyone,” she said. “Just keep it a secret so we can catch up but maybe next time for sure when all this drama goes away. Have a good day crazy.”

DeJesus and Lowry have been feuding for nearly five years, starting when DeJesus got together with Marroquin. They’ve continued to have a tense relationship over the years, but tensions heightened in June 2021 when Lowry filed a lawsuit against DeJesus for defamation of character. The legal battle between the two MTV stars is ongoing.

DeJesus Called Lowry a ‘Weird C***’

In several social media messages that were posted and then deleted, DeJesus responded to Lowry’s leaked post about her personal texts to Marroquin.

“If it don’t have my number, it ain’t real lmao and pls post everything u have if that’s the case,” DeJesus first wrote on Instagram, according to screenshots shared by the fan account Teen Mom Chatter.

In her next post — originally shared to Instagram stories — DeJesus posted a screenshot of her call log with Marroquin. “Stop being a weird c***, stop trying to start drama. Javi M and I are cool,” she wrote, per Teen Mom Chatter. “We spoke about the situation. Stop sneaking into ppls accounts and getting information. Javi and I are past the bulls*** and drama.”

DeJesus blasted Marroquin for not standing up for her. “Speaks volumes when nobody can even stand in ur corner,” she said.

On Twitter the same day, DeJesus revealed she might be doing a podcast with her sister, Brittany DeJesus. “Looks like Brittany and I will be doing a podcast cause lord do we got some s*** to say! Stay tunedddddeddd,” she tweeted.

Lowry blasted DeJesus for insinuating she sneaked into Marroquin’s account.

“I don’t have to hack when it’s sent to me — on FaceTime so he could ‘see my reaction’ Don’t accuse people of doing s*** they didn’t do, or you can be hit with another lawsuit,” Lowry wrote on Instagram stories.

“This man literally told me to keep it in my back pocket in front of @bonebjj,” Lowry wrote, referring to her friend, Bone Estrada.

Fans Blasted DeJesus on Social Media

A thread about the newest drama between DeJesus and Lowry amassed hundreds of responses hours after being posted online.

Social media users don’t always side with Lowry, but an overwhelming number of fans on Reddit slammed DeJesus for reaching out to Marroquin when she was going to Delaware to record a podcast with Chris Lopez, the father of Lowry’s two youngest children.

“You know what they say, kill two birds with one stone. Or in Briana’s case, bang two of Kail’s baby daddies in one trip 😂,” one person wrote. 

“Brianna is the most disgusting piece of trash. Who the hell does that? I’m sure if she could get a list of every on of kail’s exs she would try and fuck them all. Nasty,” a second social media user shared.

“Some people slammed Marroquin for sending the texts to Lowry. “Why would Javi share that with Kail? He doesn’t want to be messy but immediately proceeds to be messy? I see,” they said.

“And somehow Javi still comes out most embarrassing in this lol,” wrote another.  “Obviously Brianna and Javi were on talking terms again and he threw her under the bus for Kail brownie points 😩😩😩.”

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