Kailyn Lowry on ‘Filming’ Amid Rumors of Quitting ‘TM2’

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry is opening up her exes.

Don’t count Kailyn Lowry out of “Teen Mom 2” just yet.

On the December 2, 2021, episode of her “Coffee Convos” podcast with co-host Lindsie Chrisley, the mother-of-four revealed she was supposed to film with MTV when she had a family emergency over Thanksgiving weekend.

The ladies started the podcast out by talking about Lowry’s hair.

“I was feeling good. I was like it’s Monday. I’ve been looking forward to this interview all weekend so I figured I should get myself together today, especially because I’m about to talk s***,” she said. “…We can’t be ugly and talking s*** that’s for sure.”

Lowry hinted that the conversation she was about to have with Chrisley would be featured on “Teen Mom 2,” with the MTV star saying she was recording the discussion on her phone.

“I’m going to put my phone like right here in this plant so that we can get what I can for MTV. I have it in a plant right now,” Lowry said. “I have so much to tell you right now. Hit record. OK.”

Lowry was previously subjected to rumors that she quit “Teen Mom 2” after she said during an Instagram Q&A in October that she hadn’t filmed for three months, as noted by In Touch Weekly.

Lowry Said Something Was ‘Very Wrong’ With Lux

Once her phone was recording, Lowry began to reveal why she didn’t follow through with her plans to document her life with MTV.

“Alright. So I was supposed to be filming for ‘Teen Mom’ today and I texted you over the weekend and was like how do you feel about this. Agreed? Cool. Whatever,” she said to Chrisley, hinting she had planned to have MTV record an episode of her “Coffee Convos” podcast.

But that didn’t happen because she was dealing with a health crisis at home.

“Yesterday [I] got this random call from Chris’ mom — which I haven’t talked to her since last year — so I was like this is not normal,” she told Chrisley.

Lowry and ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez share two children together: 4-year-old Lux and 1-year-old Creed. She is also the mother of 7-year-old Lincoln Marroquin and 12-year-old Isaac Rivera.

When she saw her 4-year-old Lux while talking to Lopez’s mom, she knew something was “very wrong.”

“So I email Chris twice — call him four times — and I’m like, I am now making the executive decision to come get him because you’re not responding and I’m not waiting for a response,” she said.

Lowry Took Her Children to Urgent Care

Lowry had to drive an hour to Lopez’s mother’s house to get her children. But only Lux was at the residence.

“Lux is there. Chris shows up. Creed is nowhere to be found,” she said. “Why are you separating them when we’re supposed to have visitation at your moms’ house?”

When she took Lux to the urgent care center, Lopez showed up with Creed.

“Creed also has the same thing that Lux has!” Lowry said. “Why when you noticed what was happening did you not, A: call me to — I don’t know — for us to decide together that something was going on. Something was clearly wrong, or B: decide, make an executive decision to take them to urgent care and have me meet you there.”

Lowry didn’t reveal what her sons were diagnosed with to protect their medical privacy. The doctors told Lowry Lux was going to be okay, but they had to watch Creed because he had a fever and the illness could be more dangerous for younger children.

Lowry and Chrisley mused Lopez and his family didn’t immediately tell her the boys were unwell because they thought the symptoms would subside on their own. The podcast hosts agreed it’s best for both parents to always be informed about their children’s health so they can make decisions together.

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