Kailyn Lowry Talks Spinoff After Mysterious IG Post

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry asked her fans if they could imagine a spinoff that focused on her life.

“Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry asked her fans if they could imagine a spinoff that focused on her life, sparking rumors that the 30-year-old could be leaving the series after more than a decade on MTV.

Lowry posted a photo via Instagram on April 9 of herself giving a confessional from her couch in her new Deleware home with professional filming equipment. Though it might have been a virtual interview for the “Teen Mom 2” reunion for season 11. Lowry was in full glam with her hair and makeup done.

“Could y’all picture #KailandtheChaos as a show?! Imagine this is my first confessional 😂🥴,” she captioned the photo.

“You NEED your own show. Heavily speaking this into existence 🙌,” one fan wrote. “yesssss please,” Lowry answered.

“BEEN SAYING THAT YOU NEED YOUR OWN SHOW,” another person said.  “i want my own show 😂,” Lowry answered.
“does this mean we’re getting it 👀😗,” a third person inquired.  “i wish!” Lowry said.
The mother-of-four hinted she would be more transparent about her life if it were for her own series. “Ratings would skyrocket 📈👏🏼,” a fan commented. “the only way I’m willing to tell all atp,” Lowry confirmed.
While it might be something Lowry wants, there isn’t anything in the works just yet. When a fan said, “Are you trying to tell us something!!!😮” Lowry penned, “no I’m just playing but that would be cool.”
During an Instagram Q&A, Lowry hinted she would be leaving “Teen Mom 2.”
“If the opportunity came up for you to take your own show, would you take it?” the person asked, per Teen Mom Chatter. “I think that’s the only way I would do reality TV.”

Lowry Stopped Filming When Chris Lopez Signed On

Lowry discontinued filming for “Teen Mom 2” when she found out that her ex — Chris Lopez, with whom she shares two children — would be participating in the show. Before season 11, Lopez had no desire to appear on the series.
But after he connected with Lowry’s longtime enemy Briana DeJesus, Lopez seemed to have a change of heart. He allowed MTV to film them as they recorded an episode for his podcast, “P.T.S.D. Pressure Talks with Single Dads.” MTV also showed DeJesus and Lopez going to a smash house together.
Lowry said she was more up with MTV than Lopez.
“I don’t give one single f*** what Chris does,” she wrote on Instagram, per The Sun. “I care about how it was handled/how I found out and the lack of respect people have for me after 12 years of doing this show.”

Lowry Returned to Filming ‘TM2’ to Confront Vee Rivera

After taking a break from filming “Teen Mom 2,” Lowry decided to allow the cameras back into her life when she found out something unsettling about her “Baby Mamas No Drama” co-host Vee Rivera, the stepmother of her eldest son, 12-year-old Isaac.
Rivera was accused of being “deceitful” by Lowry’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin. Unsure of what he meant by the comment, Lowry started a group chat with everyone and asked them to clear the air.
She then discovered that Rivera told Marroquin about her pregnancy with her third son, Lux, before she was ready to tell him. Rivera also insinuated that when Lowry had a miscarriage while she was married to Marroquin, the child might not have been his.

“She didn’t just leak my pregnancy to him,” Lowry said on “Teen Mom 2.” “She told him, which is a complete lie, that my miscarriage that I had with him may not have been his.”

“I never cheated on him, and that was a planned pregnancy,” Lowry continued. “So for her to place doubt in his mind, I just felt like that to me, that part was unforgivable because up until this day, Javi will say, ‘I don’t even know if that baby was mine.’”

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