Kailyn Lowry Demands Her Boyfriends Follow Strict Rules

Kailyn Lowry

MTV The former "Teen Mom" star said she must know her boyfriend's location at all times.

“Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry joked about a list of rules that anyone who dates her must follow. The mother-of-four — who is currently dating 24-year-old “hot neighbor” Elijah Scott — listed her demands via TikTok but kept a serious face during the clip.

Lowry, 30, said her first rule was that her partner is not permitted to have any friends.

“So first and foremost, anyone I’m dating is not allowed to have any friends at all — like don’t even ask me to go out, because you’re not,” Lowry said in the tongue-in-cheek video, according to The Sun.

And if Lowry’s friends are at her house, then her partner must “lock” himself in his room and not come out until her friends are gone. “They don’t need to be seen, heard or nothing,” she said.

If her significant other’s mother calls, Lowry wants to be on speaker phone. “Another really big one for me is that all conversations with his mom has to be supervised like, I’m not leaving the room, don’t even answer if I’m not around,” she said.

Just to drive home that the video was a joke, Lowry answered a fan comment.

The person wrote: “I know this was probably meant to be funny but the sad thing is I really do believe you are telling the truth and all of this😂.”

“Ask my bf because we don’t talk all day and I trust him 😂,” Lowry answered on TikTok.

Lowry and Scott have been dating for six months. After her “soft launch” on Instagram, Lowry hasn’t posted many photos of her boyfriend. Rumors have swirled that she’s pregnant with her fifth child, but Lowry said on her “Coffee Convos” podcast that she wants to get her tubes tied.

Lowry’s Fake List Got More Extreme at the End

The list didn’t stop there. Lowry also joked about knowing her partner’s location at all times.

“Locations have to be shared with me on the Apple FindMyFriends, and on the live 360 app and there are no exceptions to that,” she said, as reported by The Sun.

At the end of the video, Lowry had one last fake sentiment to add: She doesn’t want to be touched by her partner.

“Last but not least, I don’t want them to touch me. I don’t want them to cuddle me at night, I want my space,” she quipped. “I don’t want them to be around me,” she concluded.”

Lowry Said Creed’s Father Doesn’t Think He’s His Biological Son

Chris Lopez, the father of Lowry’s two youngest sons, hinted that Creed was not his biological son, according to Lowry.

Lowry was talking about paternity tests with her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, and his wife, Vee Torres Rivera, who is the co-host of “Baby Mamas No Drama.”

“Well, give one to Chris because he went on TikTok Live, and he said, ‘Creed doesn’t look like his brothers, but I take care of him anyway,’” Lowry said.

If Lopez did make the accusation, it’s a departure from what he’s previously said.

Fans have long suspected Lopez wasn’t Creed’s father, with many suspecting Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, could be Creed’s biological father.

“Look, I get it ppl move in a way that makes y’all think otherwise but Creed is my son and I don’t question him,” he told fans in March 2021, per The Sun. “And YES I’m over it.”

Lowry shares her eldest son, 12-year-old Isaac, with her ex-boyfriend, Rivera. Her second eldest son, 8-year-old Lincoln, is from her five-year marriage to Javi Marroquin. Her youngest sons — 5-year-old Lux and 2-year-old Creed — are shared with Lopez.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m ET.

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