Kailyn Lowry Gives Update on Her Relationship with Javi Marroquin

Javi and Kailyn

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry shared an update about her relationship with ex-husband Javi Marroquin that some finds might find unusual.

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has a “weird” loyalty to ex-husband Javi Marroquin. Her statements come after Javi’s ex, Lauren Comeau, cried on Instagram live while talking about their breakup and insinuating that Javi cheated on her with Kailyn.

Kailyn saying that she’s loyal to Javi comes after she outed him on national television twice, claiming he tried to “f**” her while he was dating Lauren, the mother of his 2-year-old son, Eli. Kailyn and Javi, who were married for five years, also share a son: 7-year-old Lincoln Marshall.

Kailyn and Javi, both 28, have had their share of fights, but she doesn’t hold any resentment toward him. “I don’t hate Javi at all,” Kailyn told friend Lindsie Chrisley on their podcast Coffee Convos, as noted by Celebuzz. “I just don’t hate him.”

“I have a weird, unspoken loyalty to him that I have not figured out yet,” she continued. “I would always wish the best for him.”

Lauren, 29, was distraught when she found out that Kailyn and Javi went to a car dealership together. While the Teen Mom 2 star purchased a new vehicle, Javi bought his ex’s old SUV.

“It’s just f***ing upsetting that two people can be OK with causing people this much pain,” Lauren said during her live stream on January 19. “It’s really f***ing upsetting. I have dealt with my fair share of betrayal and pain and all that my whole life. But what I found out today, from the kids nonetheless, just makes me feel like the last three years they’ve just been waiting for this to happen.”

Kailyn Said Javi Has a ‘Great Image’


Kailyn has been filmed since she was a teenager, so when her breakup with Javi was going down in front of MTV cameras, she acted differently from when she split from Jo Rivera, the father of her 11-year-old son Isaac Elliot.

While Javi’s reputation with Teen Mom 2 fans has arguably been sullied since he was accused of cheating on Lauren–and once was caught having sex with another woman while Lauren was in the same house–Javi used to be seen as a hard-working father who was devoted to his family. She didn’t want to try to change viewers’ minds.

“He has this great image,” she said on Coffee Convos. “He’s a great guy, he’s a great dad, he’s a hard worker, and he is all those things. But it was useless pretty much for me to even sit here and try to convince people of my side.”

Kailyn Said Her Breakup With Jo Was ‘Messy’

Jo and his wife Vee Rivera are two of Kailyn’s closet allies, but it didn’t used to always be that way. When Jo and Kailyn first split she said things were really “messy” between them.

“I think part of it was, like, when Jo and I split, it was so messy and just a disaster and it didn’t get us anywhere,” she said. “I felt like no matter how much I defended myself, people were gonna believe what they wanted to believe anyway.”

Although she and Vee have become close friends who co-host their own “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast, they didn’t like each other when she first came into the picture. That’s all the say Kailyn, Jo, and Vee have been able to grow since they were younger.

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