Kailyn Lowry Opens up About Abusive Relationship

Kailyn Lowry

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“Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry recently opened up about a past abusive relationship on her podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama.” The mother-of-four revealed she was the victim of emotional abuse in a January 2022 episode focused on relationship trauma.

Kailyn Lowry on Abusive Relationships

Lowry got vulnerable about her past relationship traumas, telling her “Baby Mamas No Drama” co-host Vee Rivera about a time when an ex-boyfriend told her, “Sometimes I can be so in love with you and then you just open your mouth and immediately I’m in a bad mood.”

Lowry went on to say that the same ex-boyfriend mocked her mental health disorder. She said the unnamed ex was dismissive of her complex post traumatic stress disorder and joked about it on a podcast.

The 29-year-old also recalled another experience when an ex-boyfriend clapped in her face during an argument.

“I had this one guy I was dating clap in my face, like literally this close to my face when we were in an argument,” Lowry told Rivera. She went to say that she called her ex out on his behavior, telling him, “what you did was abuse. That’s still abuse.”

Kailyn Opens Up About Past Emotional Abuse

Lowry further opened up about her experience with emotional abuse on an October 2021 episode of her podcast “Coffee Convos.” The “Teen Mom” star recalled when she lived in funded housing because of her ex’s abusive behavior.

In the October 14 episode titled “Domestic Violence, Effects of Trauma, and Social Media Profiles,” Lowry shared her experience with relationship trauma. She told listeners, “When I stayed at the shelter, it wasn’t because of domestic violence but it still kind of resonates because there was a lot of verbal and emotional abuse and I know that some people don’t remember, but Jo was like that towards me,”

The reality TV star went on to say, “There are several scenes on Teen Mom 2 of abuse like that. So I did resonate with that a little bit cause I stayed at a homeless shelter with Issac,” she told co-host Lindsie Chrisley. “I don’t know if some people don’t know that. I stayed at a homeless shelter in East Pennsylvania with Issac,” she further explained.

The ex Kailyn is referring to is Jo Rivera, with whom she shares her eldest child Issac. Rivera has not responded to the claims.

The confession came as a shock to listeners considering Lowry’s relationship with Jo’s wife, Vee. The two co-host the podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama.”

Kailyn Thanks Fans

In a January 2022 Instagram post, Kailyn took to Instagram to thank “Coffee Convos” listeners. She captioned the post, “Starting 2022 off right & thankful for 20 MILLION downloads on @coffeeconvospodcast. You guys are so awesome & I cannot thank y’all enough for being a part of this journey with us! Hope this year is everyone’s best year yet.”

Fans of the podcast commented on the post to congratulate Kailyn and co-host Lindsie on their success. One fan wrote, “Thursdays are my favorite because of you two!!” Another Instagram user wrote, “Happy New Year girls. Coffee Convos is my fave podcast!”

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