Leah Messer Shares Update on Daughter’s Health: ‘I’m So Proud of Her’

Leah Messer

YouTube Leah Messer films "Teen Mom."

“Teen Mom” star Leah Messer shared a fabulous update on one of her daughters this week, and fans were thrilled to see it. The mom of three regularly shares tidbits of her day-to-day life with her daughters, and MTV viewers have watched all of them grow up in front of their eyes. Messer’s twin daughters will soon turn 13, and it was her daughter Aliannah Hope Simms whom Messer what praising in a recent social media update.

Here’s what you need to know:

Leah Messer Had Good News to Share

As The Sun detailed, Aliannah was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy in 2014. The variation of the condition Ali has, Titin Myotonic, had been diagnosed in fewer than 20 other people around the world at the time her diagnosis came. The condition is progressive and the tween could eventually find herself relying on a wheelchair all the time. Us Weekly noted Ali was diagnosed at the age of 4, and the family’s journey was documented beginning with the season 5 “Teen Mom 2” premiere. Messer pursued a diagnosis when she saw Ali struggling with developmental milestones in her early years, especially when compared to those of her twin sister, Aleeah Grace Simms.

In an Instagram post Messer shared on November 16, the “Teen Mom 2” star shared a new update on Ali and her condition. She pinned their location as the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and Ali met with Dr. Tsao, the doctor who has worked with her since the beginning of her journey with the medical condition.

Messer’s Instagram post included two photos and a fabulous update. The first photo was a selfie of the mom-and-daughter pair taken in the car, and the other picture showed Ali with Dr. Tsao. “Another great check-up appointment for my sweet Ali girl,” the “Teen Mom 2” star detailed. “I’m so proud of her & always grateful for everyone that has been on this journey with us,” Messer added.

Ali Had ‘Another Great Check-Up’ & Fans Were Thrilled

Hundreds of fans commented on Messer’s post to cheer Ali on and lend their support.

“She has the heart of a fighter and I forsee her doing amazing things in her life. Keep going sweetie! Ur such an inspiration to us all and to many that have experienced the same thing u did to persevere and not give up,” encouraged one supporter.

“What a beautiful soul!! You all have done an amazing job with those babies (well young ladies now!),” added another.

“I’ve been watching her since birth and going through this journey. It’s not been a easy one but you have always put your girls first then yourself… You are a strong woman and the girls have turned out to be beautiful and smart. Thanks to you,” gushed someone else.

Ali’s doctor gets a lot of love from “Teen Mom” fans too. Quite a few commenters mentioned how much they love he has worked with her since her diagnosis and gush over him almost as much as they do Ali.

“Strong little girl right there! That Dr is an earth Angel. God Bless them both,” commented a fan.

“So amazing and heartwarming to see her and her Dr together! Same physician, same smile but you can tell he’s prouder each visit! Grateful he invested in her. Proud of the persistence you had at such a young age to advocate for her needs. She’s a miracle,” another supporter shared.

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