Leah Messer Reveals Her ‘Reason for Everything’

Leah Messer

The J Burke Project "Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer reveals her future career goals for herself and her three daughters.

Sky’s the limit for Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer and her three daughters. The MTV personality has written a memoir, dabbled in podcasting, and is working on getting her real estate license in West Virginia. But the most important thing in Leah’s life is her girls: Ali, Aleeah and Addie. 

The star opened up during an interview with Heavy, where she was pleased with the type of positive response she received for her book, Hope Grace & Faith, which has gotten scores of positive reviews on Amazon. The memoir, released May 5, 2020, has nearly a 5-star rating from almost 3,500 readers.

“It honestly feels great. I’m just really grateful and fulfilled by all the feedback,” Leah told Heavy in a phone interview on March 16. “I feel like hearts were touched.”

“It was very cathartic for me,” the mother-of-three said about the writing experience. “I just feel that I own my story. I really feel that — based on the feedback — it has made a difference in many other people’s lives and that’s what it’s all about for me.”

Leah, 29, might not be done with writing just yet. “I’m really excited with the first book did and I’m definitely interested in writing a second book if my supporters want one!” she said. “I’m excited about everything that’s to come.”

Leah Says Her Girls Are Her ‘Reason for Everything’

Leah is motivated to grow her brand and career, but her three daughters are her “purpose.”

“My main focus is to continue building my brand and career and being the best mommy that I can be to my daughters,” she said. “They’re my reason for everything. They’re my purpose. They’re why I do everything.”

With a working mother as their example, Ali, Aleeah and Addie have already thought about what careers they’d like to pursue when they’re older. They have plenty of time, of course. The twins are 11 years old and Addie is 8. “We talk about this all the time,” Leah said with a laugh.

Ali, who was diagnosed with Titin muscular dystrophy when she was 4 years old, might follow in her mother’s footsteps. “Ali loves reading and writing. She is my next best-selling author, period,” Leah said.

Her other twin, Aleeah, loves to sing and play the piano. “It’s something that she discovered she loved during the pandemic,” the Teen Mom 2 star explained. “When she grows up she says she wants to be a marine biologist.”

Leah joked that Addie is “a little funny” when it comes to her career. “When she grows up she wants to be a teacher just so she can boss little kids around,” she said with a laugh, adding that Addie loves to dance too.

Leah Said Her Daughters Are ‘Talented Little Ladies’

No matter what path they choose, Leah knows there are big things ahead for her girls. “I swear I’m not saying it because they’re my daughters, but they’re incredibly talented little ladies,” she said. “I feel really proud.”

Leah’s three girls help motivate her. “They were proud of me [for finishing my book] and I just want to be able to leave that legacy behind for them and be their biggest role model,” she said. “I’m taking the lead on that in their lives so they can do even more [when they’re older].”

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