Fans Freak After Leah Messer Undergoes Cosmetic Procedure

Leah Messer

Leah Messer Messer said she was "super excited" to get the procedure done.

“Teen Mom” fans on Reddit were worried after Leah Messer revealed she was getting veneers via Instagram story on June 20.

“So I’m at my very first veneers appointment at Smile Savvy with Dr. Joya Lyons,” Messer said in the video, with her twins — 12-year-olds Ali and Aleeah — in the background. “Jaylan got his veneers done by her husband, Dr. Drew Lyons, and I’m super excited. What do you guys think?”

“I’m excited… for you,” Aleeah answered. “Me too,” Ali added.

Veneers are a type of domestic procedure where the front of the tooth is shaved down and a thin layer of material — like dental porcelain — is placed over the enamel to protect the surface of the tooth from damage and to enhance one’s smile.

Messer isn’t the only “Teen Mom” star to get veneers. “Teen Mom 2” alum Kailyn Lowry also changed her teeth, debuting her new look on “The Doctors” in 2017.

“My teeth have bothered me for a long time. I have a lot of pressure being on TV,” she said.

Lowry claimed she spent $10,000 on her teeth — between getting braces and retainers — and she just wanted to have her “million-dollar smile.”

Fans Were Worried About the Outcome

Messer might have been excited about the change, but viewers on social media didn’t think Messer needed to improve her aesthetic. A majority of fans said her teeth were already “perfect.”

“I don’t get it. She has beautiful, natural looking teeth. 100% the veneers are going to look ugly and make her look more plastic. She’ll perfectly blend in with the rest of instagram. Sad,” one person wrote. 

“Kind of baffling that someone with decent teeth is going to ruin them with veneers. I hate this trend,” a second person agreed. 

Some people suspected Messer was having the procedure done to prove herself.

“Veneers have become a ‘status symbol’ for reality stars. Let’s see 10 years from now when they are no longer on tv, if they can afford the upkeep 😬😬,” they claimed.

Messer Celebrated Her Sister’s Pregnancy

Messer revealed she was changing her teeth the day after her sister announced she was pregnancy with twins.

Victoria Messer and her husband, Royer Rodriguez, are expecting a boy and a girl. The couple, who was married in February 2022, already have one child together, a 2-year-old son, Cai.

While congratulating her sister, Messer poked fun at fans who thought she was expecting a child.

“& they alll thought it was me pregnant 😂How did your due date land on the Twins bday tho?! 🥹 Congratulations you guys! You’ve got this! 🍾❤️,” Leah Messer wrote. 

Victoria Messer referred to Rodriguez as “the love of my life” in her Instagram announcement.

“I knew without any doubt you were going to be the best father and step dad. I’m so glad I chose you. & I couldn’t be any happier to do life and raise our children with you!” she said. “On that note: Our beautiful family will be growing by not just ☝🏼 but ✌🏼 because WERE HAVING TWINS due date, December 16th Ilysm.”

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