Leah Messer Accused of Endangering Her Daughter

Leah Messer

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer was accused of endangering one of her daughters.

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer was accused of endangering one of her daughters after she went on a “socially distanced” trip to Nashville this week with her friend, Gabrielle Mooney. The comments on her Instagram post were mostly positive, but some Reddit users had a different view of the trip.

They claimed Leah might have put her daughter Ali in danger since the 10-year-old has muscular dystrophy, which the Mayo Clinic describes as causing progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. People who have the disease are considered high risk during the coronavirus pandemic because they could experience more severe symptoms if they contract COVID-19, according to Muscular Dystrophy News.

The possible exposure wasn’t lost on Reddit users, who criticized Leah in a thread that sparked dozens of comments. One of the top responses slammed Leah for keeping Aleeah Grace and Addie home from their activities during the pandemic but going on a mini-vacation with one of her friends:

I can’t deal with the sheer stupidity of this woman, you look super socially distanced there don’t cha? Your daughter is immunocompromised but it’s ok, the girlses don’t do any other activities anymore but I’ll send one of them back to school to sit with 30 other kids in a classroom for 8 hours a day to bring home god knows what to her sister. And you can pop off on a girls’ weekend? From what I’ve read is a hot spot? FFS, I don’t have the words to express my anger! She really is as vapid as she makes out on tv. There is nothing but air in that head of hers.

Heavy reached out to Leah’s rep for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.

Leah Said She Had ‘Social Anxiety’ During the Trip

In her Instagram post on January 20, Leah said it was important for her “mental health and well being” to go on the trip with her friend.

“I’m sooooo happy that I was able to take off for the weekend and enjoy some much-needed socially distanced girl time with [Gabrielle Mooney]!” she wrote. “I had social anxiety creep up on me and try to talk me out of it, but I now know the importance of having good friends in my life and how necessary it is for my mental health and well being.”

The Teen Mom 2 star then gushed over her new friend. “Let me also add, this girl Gabrielle is a freaking bada**, and I love her dearly already!!” Leah said. “I can’t wait for many more fun trips and events. I’m so proud of you, love!”

Leah Is Trying to Make New Friends

One of Leah’s goals in the new year was to work on making new friendships. She described herself as being “socially awkward” but she’s trying to work on reminding herself that she’s “worthy” of having friends.

“Sometimes I don’t feel like I deserve the friends that I have recently welcomed into my life, but I keep reminding myself that I AM worthy and DO deserve great people in my life,” she wrote. “I’ll forever be grateful! Cheers to new kick-a** friends that get your weirdness in 2021!”

Gabrielle was nearly moved to tears over Leah’s post. “Omg ur gonna make me cry!!!😭😭😭,” she wrote in the comments section on Leah’s page. “Love u so much bb I’m so proud of YOU! Can’t wait for more girl time.”

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