‘She’s Super Talented!’: Fans Go Wild Over Leah Messer’s Daughter’s Artwork

Leah Messer hugging daughter Aleeah

MTV\'s Teen Mom / YouTube Leah Messer hugging daughter Aleeah

“Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer shared a picture of her daughter Aleeah’s artwork yesterday, and fans are raving over it.

“Aleeah loves Orcas so she made a pastel drawing of an orca jumping out of the 🌊. Love this girl, Very impressive! 💜,” Messer wrote on her Instagram story alongside a photo of a recent oil painting of an orca whale made by her daughter, 13-year-old Aleeah.

A fan shared a screenshot of the artwork to Reddit, where fans weighed in on Aleeah’s work, and the reviews were all glowing. See Aleeah’s drawing and hear what fans have to say below.

Fans Call On Leah Messer to Nurture Her Daughter’s Talent

Fans were very impressed with Aleeah’s pastel drawing, leaving comments saying things such as, “She’s super talented! This is gorgeous!”

“More and more I’m realizing she’s like a super awesome kid! Athletic AND artistic (not a lot of people are both), and really, really cool… We should all be so blessed 😂,” one fan added, speaking to Aleeah’s success in cheerleading, as her mother has shared before on Instagram.

“This is brilliant!! Something I do like about Leah is that she seems to allow the girls to develop their own interests and participate in great activities that each one is interested in,” another fan added. Many agreed that Messer was doing a great job allowing her children to explore their interests, and some called on her to keep this up, with one fan writing directly to Messer, “Gorgeous! Feed and support this talent Leah! My parents didn’t and it sucked, now I’m 31 trying to get back into it.”

Some fans even shared personal stories of their own, with one writing, “She is very very talented!! I’m so glad that she has parents who are supportive of her passions. My niece is going to be born soon and my [brother-in-law] (her dad) is really talented at drawing and painting, so I hope that she takes to it as well and that my sister and BIL support her. Though I think they will as my BIL has mentioned wanting to teach her. I can’t wait to buy her a little drawing/drafting table and/or an easel!”

Leah Messer’s Sister Victoria Just Had Twins of Her Own

While Aleeah is one of Leah Messer’s twin daughters, along with sister Aliannah, they are not the only twins in their family. Aleeah and Aliannah’s aunt Victoria Messer recently gave birth to fraternal twins of her own, her son Cayde and daughter Caydia.

As shown on “16 and Pregnant” Aleeah and Aliannah were born premature, as can happen with twins, and while they weren’t quite premature, Victoria Messer’s twins did come about a week early, being born on November 22 despite a December 2 due date. Victoria, Cayde, and Caydia have been resting up, and Victoria even shared a thank you post for her husband and the twins’ father, Royer Rodriguez, for being by their side.

“Thank you for always being our Superman! This past week would have been much harder without you! We are forever grateful for you! We love you so much!‼️💜🤞🏼” Victoria wrote.

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