Fans Speculate Leah Messer & Jaylan Mobley Have Broken Up

Leah Messer

Leah Messer "Teen Mom" fans had some thoughts about new photos with Leah Messer's daughters and her boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley.

“Teen Mom” fans are speculating that Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley have broken up, and are pointing to Instagram for evidence.

In a Reddit thread from June 2, one person wrote, “They went from posting professional photoshoots every other day to not having posted a photo together on Instagram since May 3rd. Theories about what’s going on?”

Fellow “Teen Mom” viewers weighed in on the subject. A few suggested a breakup had happened– one person wrote, “They probably already broke up lol.”

Others suggested that Messer could be pregnant, and is therefore refraining from posting pictures. “methinks she’s pregnant lol i don’t think there’s anything else to it,” one fan wrote.

Another agreed with that theory: “She is preganananant.”

Someone else weighed in: “I agree with the others about hiding a pregnancy. Also, they just moved into that huge house. They’ll need to decorate (new blinds, curtains, drapes, paint, wallpaper and maybe carpet) and get new furniture. I imagine she’s paying for all or most of it plus at least half of the mortgage that’s only in his name.”

A fourth user squashed the rumors altogether, writing, “They’re still together. I saw a video of Jaylan at the mall with the oldest two girlses today. Makes me think they’re hiding something.”

Here’s what you need to know:

How Did Messer & Mobley Meet?

Messer first met Mobley in September 2020. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Messer explained that the two were introduced by a “Teen Mom” PA, who worked on an ESPN project with Mobley.

“I followed Jaylan, and in February of this year, we connected through DMs and he asked me on a date. On our first date, he picked me up took me to a lovely dinner at Bricks & Barrels in Charleston, West Virginia, and then we went to the Wiz Khalifa concert at the WV Power Park. It was amazing.”

Messer continued describing their relationship and stated that Mobley “checked all the boxes.”

“He’s so compassionate, caring, patient, kind, thoughtful, has a great sense of humor, is adventurous, and LOVES kids. I swore he wasn’t real!”

The Couple Purchased a Two-Story Home

Jaylan Mobley

Jaylan Mobley Messer’s boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, revealed he bought the house for the “Teen Mom 2” star and her girls.

In May, the couple purchased a $500,000 and 6,000 square foot property in West Virginia.

On Instagram, Mobley wrote, “Proud to be a First Time Home Owner! I am so thankful and blessed and still speechless to own this home. Surprise! @leahmesser. I’m proud of you for selling your first home and so I wanted to surprise you with a new home, our home. We deserve this! You deserve this! I can’t wait to build, grow, and create generational wealth, legacy, and opportunities for us and our families. This is to the next chapter and really leveling up!”

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the home sits on .37 acres of land. It comes equipped with one bedroom on the lower level and four upstairs, an outdoor deck, and laundry room.

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